Bible Briefs: a powerful Bible resource at your fingertips

Welcome to the Bible Briefs collection, a series of short, highly readable pamphlets introducing the books of Scripture. Each pamphlet presents a concise, stimulating introduction to a biblical book from the Old or New Testament. The series is not yet completed, and the remaining briefs will be posted as they become available.

These resources are free, and you are welcome to print, copy, and use them for group study, for personal Bible study, or as a resource for sermons.

What are Bible Briefs?
Bible Briefs are edited by Dr. Stephen Cook, professor of Old Testament at Virginia Theological Seminary. Bible Briefs are posted here with permission, and can also be found at Virginia Theological Seminary Publications.

Created in partnership with Forward Movement Publications, Bible Briefs is a long term project aimed at producing introductions to all 66 books of the Bible. As we press forward with excitement, we encourage your support by using and spreading the word about these materials. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.