5 Household Rituals for Christmas Eve

What does Christmas Eve look like in the home? Simple rituals like creche blessings, songs, and Bible stories draw our attention to Christ’s birth.

Sharing Faith: Celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah

Celebrating both Christmas and Hanukkah brings families together to share faith, tradition, food, and light. Links to recipes and books.

17 Christmas Pageant Survival Tips

A Christmas pageant survival checklist ensures the simplest of children’s pageants run more smoothly. A gift during this hectic, if joyful, time of year!

Advent and Christmas Resources (Church Publishing)

Books for adults and children help us prepare for Advent and Christmas, at home and in worship.

Christmas Pageants: The Joy of Children Immersed in Scripture

Scripture-based Christmas pageants allow children to embody the nativity story, assimilating and owning Scripture in ever deepening ways.

A Christmas Reflection: Mystery, Magic, and Oranges

The small gifts of church and family last for decades in the bright Christmas Eve smell of oranges.

Book Review: Three Children’s Books for Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, Kate Siberine reviews three children’s books for Christmas. These are sure to be favorites for any child in your life.

Blue Christmas: Celebrating Christ Amidst Sadness

A Blue Christmas service may be offered by churches for those who may be mourning or feeling loss at this time of year. Celebrating Christ, and inviting sadness.

Christmas Eve for the Christian Household

By incorporating these traditions and rituals, you can lead your household to center of Christmas Eve: welcoming Jesus Christ as savior.

Blessing Your Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree blessing for your family to use as you decorate.

Why We Need Christmas Pageants

I think our pageant captures some of the complication of the trip to Bethlehem. The Holy Family were compelled by law to travel, despite Mary’s pregnancy. They found a place to sleep that was most likely even more uncomfortable than a fold-out-sofa in a cramped guest room. It was inconvenient, uncomfortable, and travel was probably the last thing they felt like doing. As adults, I know we can relate.

12 Children’s Christmas Books to Tell the Birth of Jesus

We’ve chosen twelve books that use text and image to capture the imagination of the very young and those who read to them! Some of these books use Scripture, some tell the story from the point of view of animals at the manger, some combine science and imagination to fill in what the Gospels don’t say. Grab a […]

Christmas Pageant Ideas, Tips, and Scripts

Does your church offer a Christmas pageant? Whether you worship in a large or small community; lots of kids or just a few – there is an option out there for you. Not all Christmas pageants need to be full-scale productions. In fact, there are many ways to dramatize the Nativity story with a handful of costumes/props and willing set of actors.

Buying Christian Christmas Cards: 5 Online Sources

After a frustrating trip to Target, I realized that Christmas cards with Christian themes and images are available online. Here are some options.

Next, the title of this post: “Christian Christmas?” It sounds off. That said, we all understand the dynamics of Christmas secular/religious/everything in between. So without delving into the whole “reason for the season” discussion, let me get right to the point: Christmas cards.