Prayers for Peace – Plus Books and Resources

Peace building takes work! Children’s books, congregational resources, and even a podcast on ways large and small to build peace in everyday life.

I’m a Church Greeter… And an Evangelist!

Summer is high season for visiting. Guests are looking to see if your church will be a good fit; greeters are the first people they meet!

Rhythms of Grace: How One Church Feeds Special Needs

Rhythms of Grace is relatively simple, affordable, and adaptive and can be effectively used to bring the Gospel to people not currently being served. Designed for those on the Autism spectrum, it is also very welcoming to individuals with other diagnoses like Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, ADHD, Down Syndrome, and neuro-typical children with ordinary wiggly squigglies, as well as youth and adults.

Want Easter Guests to Come Back? Invite Them to Your Next Big Thing

Inviting your guests to what is coming up next at your church is an important part of welcoming and evangelism. Easter affords an opportunity to welcome large numbers of new faces to the Next Big Thing with your congregation.

New Baby Ministry: Churches Supporting Parents

A new baby ministry that starts in the days after baby comes home from the hospital, with words of welcome from the congregation and reading material and nursery information, helps one church bridge birth, baptism, and nursery.

Thursday is Candlemas: A Brief Guide

Every year Christians celebrate the Feast of the Presentation, also called Candlemas. This day honors Mary and Joseph presenting the Christ child at the Temple, 40 days after his birth. To learn more about Candlemas, check out these two Building Faith articles.

The 99¢ Advent Wreath

With a handful of items, you or our church can make a small Advent wreath, perfect for a bedside table or desk. Truly an object of devotion for the season.

Praying Facebook

Praying Facebook is a way to shift our focus to the needs of others – making the cares and concerns not about us, but rather about the people who share theirs. This is indeed a prayerful practice and one that can bring us into deeper understanding and compassion.

Meal Prayers for all Occasions

Many families say a prayer – grace – before a shared meal, usually dinner. What about the other times we nourish our bodies?

9 Ways for Churches to Stay Connected with Parishioners Over the Summer

Most churches see attendance decline in the summer, but here are ways to buck the trend, and build spiritual connection throughout the season.

Christian Ethics from Hollywood? Captain America: Civil War

For Christians, the question shouldn’t be, “Whose side are you on?” but rather “How do we live into God’s call for us?” This post uses popular culture, the film Captain America: Civil War, to discover scripture and scripture to enlighten popular culture.

You’re Invited! The e-Formation Conference and Webinar

The 2016 e-Formation Conference is June 6-8. For those pursuing ministry in the digital age, e-Formation offers hands-on training and inspiration

Prayers for Earth Day

God, you have made our world and seen that it is good; grant to us, created to complete your work, the bright, delightful vision that makes us care for what we do.

Life Coaching: What is it… and Why so Popular?

Life Coaching is about removing barriers and building from strength. Could it become a model for pastoral care and Christian formation?

The Best Vacation Bible School Kits for 2016

Our top 5 Vacation Bible School kits for 2016 from a variety of Christian publishers.

What is the Year of Mercy?

2016 is a Year of Mercy: put faith into action in order to deepen our relationship with God through our relationships with our brothers and sisters.

The Spiritual Side of Decluttering

Decluttering, or tidying-up, creates in our homes a clean slate. By ridding ourselves of excess stuff, we have more of ourselves to give others.

Group Activities for Lent: Prayer Loom and Prayer Net

Lenten group activities are intergenerational, flexible, and interactive. The Prayer Loom and the Prayer Net are two of our most popular experiential prayer activities.

A Church Caroling Party!

A church revamps its annual Christmas caroling event to reach young families, and to sing at group-homes and nursing homes. Party includes crafts and dinner.

Christmas Comes to Children of Incarcerated Parents

Incarcerated parents and their children receive the joy of giving and receiving gifts through this Diocese of New Hampshire program.