Spiritual Fun with Dry Erase Markers

Little ideas can strengthen faith. Use dry erase markers to write Bible verses, faith messages, or pictures. Works for church, or on the mirror at home!

Praying Facebook

Praying Facebook is a way to shift our focus to the needs of others – making the cares and concerns not about us, but rather about the people who share theirs. This is indeed a prayerful practice and one that can bring us into deeper understanding and compassion.

9 Ways for Churches to Stay Connected with Parishioners Over the Summer

Most churches see attendance decline in the summer, but here are ways to buck the trend, and build spiritual connection throughout the season.

Take Out Church: A Summer Tool for Home and Traveling

Take Out Church is for families to take with them over the summer. Inside a take out box are many ways to build God’s Kingdom at home or when traveling!

You’re Invited! The e-Formation Conference and Webinar

The 2016 e-Formation Conference is June 6-8. For those pursuing ministry in the digital age, e-Formation offers hands-on training and inspiration

Prayers for Earth Day

God, you have made our world and seen that it is good; grant to us, created to complete your work, the bright, delightful vision that makes us care for what we do.

Life Coaching: What is it… and Why so Popular?

Life Coaching is about removing barriers and building from strength. Could it become a model for pastoral care and Christian formation?

New Section on Building Faith: The Discernment Toolbox

For those discerning God’s will for their lives and those guide and mentor them, Building Faith’s Discernment Toolbox is a mix of activities, reading lists and tools.

The Best Vacation Bible School Kits for 2016

Our top 5 Vacation Bible School kits for 2016 from a variety of Christian publishers.

What is the Year of Mercy?

2016 is a Year of Mercy: put faith into action in order to deepen our relationship with God through our relationships with our brothers and sisters.

Timely Topics: How our Church Became a Hub for Social Discourse

One church uses a non-traditional time for adult education book study to capture a community’s need for civil discourse.

Picking the Right VBS Theme for your Church

A VBS theme provides overarching structure that ties all of your activities together and is an accurate reflection of your church.

Dis-Comforting Bible Stories: Sharing Challenging Scripture with Children

Those scripture stories which challenge us give us the opportunity to ask how our God of Love is speaking to us today.

Christmas Comes to Children of Incarcerated Parents

Incarcerated parents and their children receive the joy of giving and receiving gifts through this Diocese of New Hampshire program.

3-Sentence Stories: Writing Short is Fun for All Ages

Writing 3-sentence stories offers a new perspective for Christian formation. All ages can participate, in Sunday schools, youth groups, or families.

Blue Christmas: Celebrating Christ Amidst Sadness

A Blue Christmas service may be offered by churches for those who may be mourning or feeling loss at this time of year. Celebrating Christ, and inviting sadness.

Top Ten PG Movies for Church Groups

Need good movies for church? 10 PG movies to watch with younger youth groups. Includes descriptions of each movie and why it would make a good showing.

St. Nicholas’ Day Celebration at Church

Learn how one church celebrates St. Nicholas’ Day with prayer and song, crafts and chocolates, for families and those in need. Liturgy included.

Jesse Tree Advent Activity and Skit

Jesse Tree readings and ornaments become the basis for Old Testament Sunday school and an Advent skit.

Building Faith Does Halloween: 10 Helpful Posts

10 Halloween posts from Building Faith including prayers, ideas, and homilies.