‘VBS (Vacation Bible School)’

Webinar: Planning for VBS

Join the CMT for a free webinar on VBS. Goals/objectives of VBS, practical tips for running a successful program. Panelists Lisa Brown and Emily Given.

The Reviews are in: The Best VBS Programs for 2017!

2017 VBS reviews, new programs and recaps of perennial resources including CMT’s Top Picks, five programs we found stood out from the rest. We believe VBS can be a powerful tool for evangelism for your church. Be sure to select a program that mirrors the mission and theology of your church and community.

8 Quick Games for Sunday School and Youth Group

From balloons to jelly beans, these games by Jolene Roehlkepartain will add a spark to your group, and actually help kids focus!

Looking for Sunday School and Youth Group Games?

Taking a break for a quick game or activity can improve focus, the key is being prepared with fun, structured, movement-filled games.

Showing Movies at Church: Do I Need a License?

So you want to show movies at church, but what about copyright? You DO need permission or a license. What you need to know, and sources to get a license.

Teacher Tip: 7 Ways to Quiet a Crowd

How do you call a group to attention. Whether children or adults; school, church, or camp – these seven teacher tips help invite a crowd to quiet.

Why VBS Needs Clergy… and Why Clergy Need VBS

The church shines at VBS: showing values of community, education, Scripture, and nurturing children. As a clergy person VBS is particularly powerful.

Training Teens for VBS: 16 Things They Need to Hear

Teens make valuable contributions as VBS volunteers. But they need clear and direct training. Here’s what to tell them to keep everyone safe and having fun.

Why VBS Needs Teenagers… and Why Teens Need VBS

Teenagers volunteering for VBS is a win-win: you get enthusiastic helpers and a chance to offer them age-specific formation

Staffing your VBS: How to Find Volunteers

There are untapped volunteer pools in every church and community. Suggestions for whom to ask and how many volunteers you’ll need.

The Best Vacation Bible School Kits for 2016

Our top 5 Vacation Bible School kits for 2016 from a variety of Christian publishers.

Picking the Right VBS Theme for your Church

A VBS theme provides overarching structure that ties all of your activities together and is an accurate reflection of your church.

Bricks of Faith: Creating a VBS Labyrinth

“Whenever I walk the labyrinth, I will remember children making this beautiful sacred space – with hearts, question marks, joy, and a baseball field – and see the passion behind their creativity. Their bricks represent the fulfillment of God’s promises.”     Walter Brueggemann’s Narrative of “Making Bricks” The Vacation Bible School (VBS) program at […]

‘Safe Church’ Practices for VBS

Churches have “safe church” protocols to keep children safe from abuse. But what about summer programs such as VBS? The author describes how to be vigilant.

A Blessing for Vacation Bible School

Churches leading VBS (and those with arts, nature, and fitness camps, too!) are also forming the adults and teens who volunteer. Recognizing those who lead the children during their daily camp is an important aspect of the ministry of church camp. Send your volunteers into the glittery fray, reminding them that they do important work on behalf of everyone in your congregation!

A Special VBS: Super Heroes of the Faith

Food for the body
God’s word for the spirit
Community of love for the heart
Opportunity for those who desire action

When is VBS not VBS? Arts Camp at St. B’s

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Denver likes to dance to our own slightly different beat, even while we embrace the scripture and deeply rooted traditions of our faith. So, not surprisingly, we have a weeklong summer day camp every year. Also not surprisingly, it’s not Vacation Bible School.

5 Things to Consider when Choosing a VBS

It has always seemed a bit incongruous to watch the flakes fly in early February and know that now is the best time to choose your Vacation Bible School program. Distributors and publishers often give significant discounts now to attract these early purchases. But how do you make your choice?