‘Youth Ministry’

Slip n Slide Kickball

Slip n Slide Kickball – kiddie pools, plastic sheeting, and water – is a refreshing way to finish up your summer or kick off a new season of youth group!

Does your Church Have Benchmarks for Christian Education?

Christian education benchmarks provide consistent reference points against which formation activities can be measured, encouraging teaching and learning in the congregation.

Stock Up! Guide to Buying School Supplies

Whether you need school supplies for Sunday school, youth ministry, school, or home, this guide will help you save money, and get the best items.

We Invited our High School Youth back to Sunday School: And they Came!

High school students help plan and lead a bi-weekly curriculum rooted in the covenants of the Bible that stretches into their personal and communal lives.

Spiritual Fun with Dry Erase Markers

Little ideas can strengthen faith. Use dry erase markers to write Bible verses, faith messages, or pictures. Works for church, or on the mirror at home!

Praying Facebook

Praying Facebook is a way to shift our focus to the needs of others – making the cares and concerns not about us, but rather about the people who share theirs. This is indeed a prayerful practice and one that can bring us into deeper understanding and compassion.

Training Teens for VBS: 16 Things They Need to Hear

Teens make valuable contributions as VBS volunteers. But they need clear and direct training. Here’s what to tell them to keep everyone safe and having fun.

Christian Ethics from Hollywood? Captain America: Civil War

For Christians, the question shouldn’t be, “Whose side are you on?” but rather “How do we live into God’s call for us?” This post uses popular culture, the film Captain America: Civil War, to discover scripture and scripture to enlighten popular culture.

Why VBS Needs Teenagers… and Why Teens Need VBS

Teenagers volunteering for VBS is a win-win: you get enthusiastic helpers and a chance to offer them age-specific formation

New Curriculum Charts for 2016

Freshly updated for 2016, these charts provide information on content, websites, cost, and more – for each curriculum listed.

Film School, for Sunday School

A church develops a new model for middle schoolers and high schoolers. Film School uses movies and the Bible to engage and teach.

New Section on Building Faith: The Discernment Toolbox

For those discerning God’s will for their lives and those guide and mentor them, Building Faith’s Discernment Toolbox is a mix of activities, reading lists and tools.

Could Your Church Geocache? (And what is that?)

  “Gracious God, Bless the visitors that come to find our cache. We pray that all who find it know your presence in our church, our community and our world.”       What is Geocaching? Geocaching is an outdoor game where players hunt for containers of all sizes using clues and coordinates found online. […]

30 Hour Famine: A Youth Event with Staying Power

A youth events invites participants to experience hunger by fasting in a 30 hour famine. One church is on its 17th year of this powerful event.

Group Activities for Lent: Prayer Loom and Prayer Net

Lenten group activities are intergenerational, flexible, and interactive. The Prayer Loom and the Prayer Net are two of our most popular experiential prayer activities.

All-Ages Church Activity: Making Social Media Graphics

Have you seen graphics on social media with beautiful backgrounds overlaid with scripture or prayer? You can make them as an intergenerational activity.

How to Plan an *Unbinding* Youth Mission Trip

Youth mission trips offer opportunities to serve others and transform participants. A new book offers advice for creating and planning such trips.

3 Websites that Connect Church to Home

Separate from the main church website, these churches made unique websites to focus on Christian formation and give tools for faith at home.

Go Ahead: PLAY with Your Nativity Creche

Five ways your family can use your nativity creche to incorporate a deeper understanding of the Christmas season.

Blessing Your Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree blessing for your family to use as you decorate.