Center for Spiritual Resources

by Sharon Ely Pearson

Center for Spiritual Resources (CSR) has as its growing and expanding mission to become a clearinghouse for enriching programs, resources, and connections. A collaborative portal where you can: Find a resource ∙ Share a resource ∙ Be a resource, the CSR is a shared ministry of the Cathedral of All Souls and the Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina. It is  also supported by the Helen Porter Foundation, the Center for the Ministry of Teaching, Virginia Theological Seminary, and Church Publishing Incorporated.

A number of experienced and respective Christian formation leaders in the Episcopal Church have curated a large number of resources already, and the collection will be growing in weeks and months to come, becoming a never-ending portal of resources for the church. Submissions of content are welcome from anyone who desires to share an original program, book review, program idea, or curricula. Open-sourced resourcing at its best, the CSR offers materials in the following categories:

csr-wheel-fullLifelong Christian Formation: All ages: Children, youth, young adult, adult, formation for 70+; intergenerational; faith in the home; special needs; exploring Episcopal identity; milestones: birth, baptism, confirmation, graduation, marriage preparation, employment, moving; camps and conferences; campus ministry; retreats; and more.

Spiritual Practices (personal and communal): Care of body, mind, spirit, relationships; prayer; silence and solitude; sacred reading; centering prayer; icons; daily Examen; home devotions; labyrinths; spiritual direction; and more.

Liturgy & Music: Worship and music planning resources for congregations of all sizes; best practices; and more.

Pastoral Care: Home-bound and hospital support; Stephen Ministries; Elder Care; hospice, divorce; grief; mental health; and more.

Leadership & Administration: A place to find resources to support church leadership and those who serve the church in an administrative capacity. Best practices and links to sites for salaries, skill-building, job descriptions, stewardship resources, and project planning.

Outreach & Mission: Resources to support the church in its ministry beyond the church walls. Resources for deacons, evangelism, justice and advocacy, and more.

A Spanish Resource Portal: Original and translated materials for those who serve in bi-lingual communities or minister with Spanish-speaking congregations.

Visit the Center for Spiritual Resources. What have you found? What can you add?

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