Children’s Chapel: Best Practices and Resources

“Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”
-Luke 18:16



Children’s Chapel
Children’s chapel is a time for young children to gather, pray, and listen and respond to Holy Scripture. In many churches, children then return to the main service to celebrate the Eucharist with their families. When younger children are afforded the time and space to celebrate God’s Word in their own way, they not only learn the rhythms of liturgy, they also learn that their responses are valid. This type of children’s worship space takes time and care. Ensuring that we are not pushing our children out of worship, but rather inviting them in to their own engaging time.

Resources from Building Faith
Check out the following Building Faith articles. All three of these posts feature published resources that will help you plan and implement children’s chapel – or give you fresh ideas for your current program.

Celebrate the Good News: A Children’s Chapel Resource
This Building Faith article, by Sharon Ely Pearson, describes the curriculum Celebrate the Good News, a powerful resource for implementing a Lectionary-based children’s chapel program. This quarterly publication offers ideas, lesson plans, music, and activities for children’s chapel. The philosophy is all about active participation.



girls-school-crossPlanning Children’s Chapel: Nuts and Bolts
This Building Faith article, by Sarah Lenton, includes wisdom from her 3-part book series Creative Ideas for Children’s Worship. Each detailed book, based on the Lectionary year, provides lots of ideas for children’s chapel. This article provides the ‘nuts & bolts’ ideas – everything from seating options to the teenage helpers.



the-right-place-bookThe Rite Place: Interactive Worship for Children & Adults
This Building Faith review describes a resource called Rite Place, a book by Shawn M. Schreiner & Dennis E. Northway. The subtitle of the book is Kids Do Church! Adults Do, Too! And indeed, this program is all about creating a worship service in which children and parents are full and active participants throughout.




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