New Section on Building Faith: The Discernment Toolbox

“Discernment is a way of listening to God – through prayer, experiences, and relationships – to understand God’s will for one’s life.”



Announcing the Discernment Toolbox on Building Faith
We are pleased to unveil a new feature at buildfaith.org. The Discernment Toolbox is a page full of resources for exploring a call ministry. Discernment is a way of listening to God – through prayer, experiences, and relationships – to understand God’s will for one’s life.

Who is this Page For?
The Discernment Toolbox is for those discerning God’s will for their lives, and considering calls to ministry, both lay and ordained. The page is also for leaders or mentors who are guiding others on their discernment journeys. The resources are a mix of activities, reading lists, articles, and other helpful tools. These tools are not meant to lead any one person in any one direction, but rather to offer the resources to ask meaningful questions about the nature of Christian adulthood. These free resources are perfect for individuals, groups, or leaders.

If you are involved in camp ministry, college chaplaincy, or any other young adult ministry, we hope you use and share the Discernment Toolbox. We pray that this resource will be useful to you, as you continue to help young persons grasp God’s plan for their lives.

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Special Thanks
The Discernment Toolbox resources were compiled by Jan Sienkiewicz at Virginia Theological Seminary. Several of the resources – including the workshop series – were generously made available by Kathleen Staudt.

As Dr. Staudt writes, “The journey of faith is a journey toward making sense of our world, beginning where we are. People in their twenties and thirties need safe places to sort out their own ways of making sense of the world — distinguishing their experience from inherited traditions of parents and also from the many voices in the surrounding culture that seek to define them as a cohort of consumers.”

How to Find the Discernment Toolbox
Anyone can use and bookmark the following link www.buildfaith.org/discernment. Additionally, you can always go the Building Faith homepage and scroll down to find the Discernment Toolbox icon on the righthand column.


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