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Resources for Exploring a Call to Ministry

Are you wondering what God is calling you to do in your life? Discernment is a way of listening to God – through prayer, experiences, and relationships – to understand God’s will for your life.

The Discernment Toolbox is for those discerning God’s will for their lives, and considering calls to ministry: both lay and ordained. This page is also for leaders or mentors who are guiding others on their discernment journeys. The resources below are a mix of activities, reading lists, articles, and other helpful tools. These free resources are perfect for individuals, groups, or leaders.


“Naming Vocation”: A practical article to get started

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Scripture Passages for the Doubting Discerner

Group smile activity

Discernment Deck: Cards with Questions from Faith3.org (print in landscape)


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Activity: Identifying People who Lift Up and Light the Way


Activity: Recalling God’s Movement in the Threads of your Life

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Activity: A Way to Pray with Five Fingers


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Discernment Stories from Women and People of Color


6 Tried and True Books for the Discernment Journey

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Prayers for Guidance and Discernment


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More Discernment Wisdom: Recommended Websites to Explore


Shaping A Faithful Life: A Full Discernment Program for Young Adults
Dr. Kathleen Staudt has created an entire series of workshops for young adults considering God’s will in their lives. This series, entitled “Shaping a Faithful Life” is an outstanding resource for churches, colleges, or other young adult groups. The entire series has been generously made available, free of charge. You can view or download the workshops in PDF form using the links below.

Note that three of the activities from the toolbox above (Identifying People; Recalling God’s Movement; and A Way to Pray) are excerpted from this series.

Shaping a Faithful Life – Introduction and Outline

Shaping a Faithful Life – Session 1

Shaping a Faithful Life – Session 2

Shaping a Faithful Life – Session 3

Shaping a Faithful Life – Session 4

Shaping a Faithful Life – Session 5

Shaping a Faithful Life – Session 6