Online Curriculum on Racial Justice: ChurchNext 2016

“We hope that these classes help you and your congregation explore concepts of race and reasons for racial injustice in new, enlightening ways.”




Online Courses on Racial Justice
This Lent, ChurchNext, in partnership with Trinity Institute, is offering free online series on racial justice, for all who desire to journey deeper into faith. This series of five courses is based on Trinity Institute’s 2016 conference, Listen for a Change: Sacred Conversations for Racial Justice.


ChurchNext Racism

The Five Free Courses
To take part, you must sign up with ChurchNext.tv. You can access the courses at anytime by clicking on the links below. Each course will guide you from video to questions on content and then downloadable discussion questions that invite you investigate how these topics intersect with your daily life. The individual option offers online interaction with other students, the group option includes a facilitator’s guide.

Spirituality and Racial Justice with Michael Curry
available in For Individuals and For Groups formats.

Whiteness and Racial Justice with Kelly Brown Douglas
available in For Individuals and For Groups formats.

Reparation and Racial Justice with Jennifer Harvey,
available in For Individualsand For Groups formats

Theology and Racial Justice with J. Kameron Carter
available in For Individualsand For Groups formats

Racism and Racial Justice with Eduardo Bonilla-Silva
available in For Individuals and For Groups formats

Potential Outcomes
It is the Church’s responsibility and its privilege to take a leadership role in building racial justice. As Bishop Curry teaches in his class, we must review our history, confront our mistakes with humility and courage, and work to turn our culture in a new direction. It is our responsibility, in short, to find the courage to rise up and follow God away from racial oppression, in the hope that others will follow us. We hope these courses help you and your congregation work effectively with the many people across our country who are striving to build a more just world.

For more from ChurchNext on Listen for a Change: Sacred Conversations on Racial Justice and how it might be used during Lent, read their blog post here.


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