Building Faith Does Epiphany: 7 Helpful Posts

“In Epiphany, we come to see who Jesus is, where he is to be found, and where we begin to understand what he is about.”




What is it about Epiphany?
At the Feast of the Epiphany – and in the season that follows – we celebrate and reflect on Jesus’ manifestation to the world. Indeed, the Magi, those visitors from afar, remind us that Jesus is for the whole world.  The gift of the Incarnation is for everyone.

And yet, coming out the Christmas season, we see Jesus as a baby.  How do we get from infant to leader? The season of Epiphany is the great pivot, bringing us from Jesus’ birth and babyhood into his adulthood. The readings in Epiphany are stories of Jesus being revealed as the Christ, the Messiah. Preacher and theologian Peter Gomes explains that in Epiphany, “we come to see who Jesus is, where he is to be found, and where we begin to understand what he is about.” (Sermons: Biblical Wisdom for Daily Living, 1998 pp 30–31.)

We must take the time to watch Jesus as he claims his identity as Messiah and Savior. Epiphany is the season when faith takes root. This is why Epiphany may just be the most important season of the church year. During this Epiphany, as we explore Jesus’ early ministry, let your faith take root. What will grow, when we root ourselves in Jesus’ revelation to the world? Below are seven articles from Building Faith to help you plan for and celebrate this Epiphany feast day and season.

Guiding stars epiphanyGuiding Stars: An Epiphany Activity at Home
An at-home activity that is especially great for pre-teens and teens. (Younger children can join the fun with some modification.)  The idea is simple but powerful: each member of the household selects a star, which has a word for the year – compassion, hope, etc. That word becomes a ‘guiding’ theme for the year, for that person.


sparkler light fireCelebrating Epiphany at Church: 5 Fresh Ideas
Bring light, magi, fun, and meaning into your church’s Epiphany celebration. From a sparkler procession to an Epiphany photo booth, Lisa Brown hits all the right notes in this article.



epiphany magento magi kings giftsEpiphany: What Does it Reveal?
In this article, Jenifer Gamber digs deep into the meaning behind the Epiphany story. The season is all about Jesus being revealed to the world.



epiphany magi JesusEpiphany through the Eyes of Children
Christian educator Sharon Ely Pearson shares some brilliant ideas for explaining Epiphany to children.



Chalking The DoorChalking the Door on Epiphany
This Epiphany tradition, which comes from European customs, is fun and intergenerational. Use chalk to inscribe the doorway of your home or church, remembering the visit of the magi and asking God’s blessing for the coming year.



King CakePlan an Epiphany Party – with King Cake!
Some terrific ideas for celebrating Epiphany with a church group, Sunday school class, youth group, or at home. Ideas for decorations… recipe for traditional King cake, and more!



Candlemas Bells flowerCandlemas – History and Traditions
February 2nd is Candlemas, a Christian feast day that always falls in Epiphany. Find out about the origin, meaning, and traditions of this holiday. For example, Candlemas is also called the feast of the presentation, honoring the event of Mary and Joseph presenting the baby Jesus at the Temple.




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