March 9th – A Double Dose of Sunday Happens

This week we are blessed to have two reflections!

Katie Young is the youth ministry intern at Church of the Heavenly Rest in Abilene, Texas.

Debra Quintana is the Director of Christian Education at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Larchmont, NY.



What went right today?
Katie: We had a wonderful discussion about mission and what it means to us. They wrote the most genuine letters to a missionary in South Korea.

Debra: When one of our teachers was unable to be present, a parent jumped in to teach at the last minute and did a great job!  It was the three and four year olds class, and she taught Jesus Blesses the Children. What a blessing!


What went wrong?
Katie: Only one middle schooler attended!

Debra: For the 4th-5th grade class, the only students were the children of the teacher.


How did Jesus surprise you?
Katie: One of the older kids gave all her jewelry to the kids in the three year old class. The joy on their faces because of an act of selflessness was overwhelming.

Debra: Jesus was with Luke, a first grader with special needs, who told me after class, “I love this school.”



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