Sonoran Summer Vespers

by Phyllis Strupp

Brother Sun calls goodnight as he turns out the light. Thanks be to God.

The mountains smile and wink as they watch him sink. Thanks be to God.

The Desert heaves a sigh as she says goodbye. Thanks be to God.

Quail bathe in the dust and settle in with a fuss. Thanks be to God.

Bunnies jump and zip after one last sip. Thanks be to God.

Hummers twitter and hover as they take cover. Thanks be to God.

Nighthawks swoop and thrill with an eerie trill. Thanks be to God.

Thrashers call whit-wheet from their cholla seat. Thanks be to God.

Bats swoop and dart with fits and starts. Thanks be to God.

Javelinas woof and snort as they yonder cavort. Thanks be to God.

Packrats chew and chomp while their babies romp. Thanks be to God.

Snakes slither around as they prowl the ground. Thanks be to God.

Bugs start to sing as they spread their wings. Thanks be to God.

Toads come on out and start jumping about. Thanks be to God.

Owls glide and hoot while they hunt for loot. Thanks be to God.

Sister Moon cries hello to her family below. Thanks be to God.

Even the Prince of Light is in love with the night. Thanks be to God.

Phyllis Strupp is the author of Church Publishing’s “Faith and Nature” curriculum and the author of “The Richest of Fare: Seeking Spiritual Security in the Sonoran Desert.”  Sonoran Summer Vespers can be found in “The Richest of Fare.” 

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