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A Church Reinvents Adult Education with a Bible and a Blog

I wanted to share something my parish is doing that is breathing a lot of life into our adult formation. It is easy to do, and the congregation is loving it. Also, in terms of planning, I am not having to create new and topics every week. It is based in Bible reading, but has some advantages over the Bible in a Year challenge.

“The Painting Table” in Lent

The Painting Table is a book by Roger Hutchison, which has inspired workshops during Lent and other seasons. Here he describes how he used his practice of painting with the spirit and your fingers to create a Lenten series.

Listen Up – When Children Teach Adults about God’s Love

Tina Clark is the Family Minister at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Denver, CO. This article is based on a sermon which was written and delivered with help from the children and youth of St. Barnabas.         “So listen. Close your eyes and listen now. Hear the sound of your name, spoken in love, […]

Inquiring Minds Want to Know: A Recipe for Confirmation

Home baked bread has been part of my life ever since I can remember. On Sundays my mother would take out the Joy of Cooking, turn to page 603, and begin gathering the ingredients. By evening our family was gathered around the kitchen table for warm bread topped with melting butter. I use that same […]

I Don’t Do That Anymore

As he continued to speak, it was quite apparent that refraining from self-harming behavior wasn’t just an act of will. He had learned to will himself out of doing that years ago. This thought, this conviction, was much deeper than an act of will. It was an understanding of who he is. It was an acceptance of his wholeness.

The New Parent: Grandparents

Seven million grandparents are living with a grandchild and roughly 39% of them serve as their primary caregiver.

Moment to Moment: All “For Jesus”

We may not be able to describe scientifically what happens to children who attend church Sunday after Sunday, but I believe something deeply and profoundly formational happens.

Center for Spiritual Resources

A collaborative portal where you can: Find a resource ∙ Share a resource ∙ Be a resource, the CSR is a shared ministry of the Cathedral of All Souls and the Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina. It is also supported by the Helen Porter Foundation, the Center for the Ministry of Teaching, Virginia Theological Seminary, and Church Publishing Incorporated.

Beach Days

Freedom. There is a sense of freedom at the beach. People don’t seem particularly concerned about what they are wearing or how they look. Aware that there is not much that can be hidden in a bathing suit, it is as if people say, “Here I am. This is me. I can’t hide much if anything while dressed like this.”

Being a Social Justice Christian

As a Christian who, in baptism, renounced the evil powers of this world that corrupt and destroy the creatures of God, I pledge to be a part of the solution to violence in our culture.

Civil Rights Sunday

September 15th marks the 50th anniversary of the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. The explosion at the African-American church, which killed four girls, marked a turning point in the U.S. 1960s Civil Rights Movement and contributed to support for passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

It Takes a Whole Faith Community

All three of our sons will be in high school this fall, so it is a natural time to review their childhoods. Our twins are finishing up eighth grade, saying goodbye to friends who will go to different high schools; and our older son, soon to be a junior, is a few days away from driving.

Moving Online for Formation

Ministers of spiritual formation are turning to the Internet to counter the interference hectic schedules, frequent traveling, social media and other demands of modern life can have on healthy discipleship.

Wiggle Tamers & On-Boards

Whether gathering with children, youth, or adults sometimes you just need an ice-breaker to get folks warmed up, moving, or engaged with each other.

Interfaith Cooperation

Interfaith work is only meaningful when it mobilizes diverse religious/secular narratives and communities in support of progressive politics.

Ministering to Generation X

Xers, brought up in a commercial-saturated culture where everyone is selling something will always be asking, “What’s the hidden agenda? What’s in it for the one telling me this? What is this really about?”

Cultural Child-Rearing “Norms”

New research links certain early, nurturing parenting practices—the kind common in foraging hunter-gatherer societies—to specific, healthy emotional outcomes in adulthood, and has many experts rethinking some of our modern, cultural child-rearing “norms.”

Elders First

We’re incredibly child-centered, yet I fear we don’t set the expectation that our children assimilate themselves into their larger community. That they adjust themselves to accommodate others; place others’ needs consistently before their own.

Are There Required Christian Beliefs?

The need for other people to believe as one believes, and the fear of those whose beliefs differ, are powerful impulses. They have led to the redrawing of boundaries of communities and nations, to murder, and to religious wars.

The Flipped Classroom

Imagine that instead of coming to church, listening to a sermon for [insert your churches sermon length] ending with a few questions which no one talks about (except maybe a brief mention over coffee), the congregation listened to the sermon before coming (it could even be a famous preachers sermon or the pastor could record one).