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We Invited our High School Youth back to Sunday School: And they Came!

High school students help plan and lead a bi-weekly curriculum rooted in the covenants of the Bible that stretches into their personal and communal lives.

Household Bible Reading with Lectio Divina

Reading the Bible at home builds faith and brings households together. Lectio Divina is a simple and fun way to read and engage as a group or individual.

Hosting a Bible Group for Moms

Elizabeth Windsor describes a successful church group for moms. Bible study, sharing across generations, worship, and service all developed in this group.

A Guide to “Hacking” Curriculum – How to invent a new program using what you already have

If your church is like my church, you’ve got a few years’ worth of discarded curricula hanging around in your Sunday School closet. And if your church is like my church, you’ve also got a population of harried, overworked adults, with or without kids, for whom clearing out a weekday evening every week for Bible study is simply out of the question.

Covenant Bible Study – A New Series for Adults

A new adult education series that takes a refreshing approach through the Bible, focusing on the stories, characters, and our connection to them.

“All God’s Children” – A Lenten Program for all Ages

GenOn has produced “All God’s Children.” This five-week series offers activities, Bible Study, and group learning for all ages. Designed for Lent.

A Church Reinvents Adult Education with a Bible and a Blog

I wanted to share something my parish is doing that is breathing a lot of life into our adult formation. It is easy to do, and the congregation is loving it. Also, in terms of planning, I am not having to create new and topics every week. It is based in Bible reading, but has some advantages over the Bible in a Year challenge.

A Bible Study for Mothers – and Babies!

I’d learned that what I thought the moms wanted was probably not what they wanted at all. And what they wanted was changing as their children grew.

The Common English Bible “Study Bible”

While nearly nine-in-ten Americans own a Bible, 61 percent say they wish they read it more, and according to studies by the Barna Group, Bible literacy is at an all time low. Much of this can be accredited to the collective experience of readers having difficulty in comprehending scripture.

The Variable Elements of Small Group Covenants

Talking about those areas of different vision up front has turned out to be a good way to avoid frustration later when those
otherwise unexpressed expectations are not met.

Education for Ministry

Lay persons face the difficult and often subtle task of interpreting the richness of the church’s faith in a complex and confusing world. They need a theological education which supports their faith and also teaches them to express that faith in day-to-day events.