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Teach Bible Stories… with a Parachute!

Traditionally used in early-childhood classrooms, a parachute can introduce movement and visual appeal when learning Bible stories. 8 Bible stories and their parachute movements are included.

5 Household Rituals for Christmas Eve

What does Christmas Eve look like in the home? Simple rituals like creche blessings, songs, and Bible stories draw our attention to Christ’s birth.

Youth Group Lesson: Fruits of the Spirit

Why does Paul list fruits of the Spirit? Why not vegetables? Because fruit have visible seeds and caring for a seed makes a useful analogy to caring for our fruits of the spirit.

Lectio Divina with Children

Lectio Divina is the ancient practice of praying with Scripture in four steps: reading, meditation, prayer, contemplation. Using a children’s Bible and modified questions, lectio can successfully help children listen to God speak through His Word.

Introducing ‘Sparkhouse Family’: Books, Videos, & More

Sparkhouse Family offers trusted books and videos for at-home access. Parents and caregivers have new tools to pass on faith to children at home.

A Lego Journey through Holy Week

A creative way to journey through Holy Week with kids. Read scripture each day, and build a Lego scene to portray the story.

On Ash Wednesday, The Power of Scripture

From Joel to Matthew, the Scripture in the Ash Wednesday service resonates with power. Here are our top 5 favorites.

All-Ages Church Activity: Making Social Media Graphics

Have you seen graphics on social media with beautiful backgrounds overlaid with scripture or prayer? You can make them as an intergenerational activity.

Dis-Comforting Bible Stories: Sharing Challenging Scripture with Children

Those scripture stories which challenge us give us the opportunity to ask how our God of Love is speaking to us today.

Spark Family Magazine Connects Church, Faith & Family

Looking for a way to connect your church families with their faith story when they are not in church? Spark Family Magazine is specifically for home use.

How to Make Easy Bible Lego Videos with Kids

Wondering how to engage children in Biblical stories? This process, using Lego, digital pictures, and powerpoint, is perfect for Sunday school or home.

Presenting Bibles to Children – Make it Intergenerational

Many churches present Bibles to young people, but this church brings older adults, parents, and children together for an intergenerational process. Children hear from older adults about why the Bible is important to them, and then receive a bookmark filled with favorite Bible verses.

Covenant Bible Study – A New Series for Adults

A new adult education series that takes a refreshing approach through the Bible, focusing on the stories, characters, and our connection to them.

Bible Passages to Help Keep your New Year’s Resolution

It is a New Year, with hardy new resolutions to keep. As Christians, we believe in faithfulness and steadfastness of purpose. Sometimes a little Scripture is all we need to remind ourselves that we are on a path to a life that glorifies God in all of our endeavors. While we don’t normally propose using isolated Bible quotes taken out of context to prove arguments, we do believe that select passages are powerful sources of inspiration.

A Church Reinvents Adult Education with a Bible and a Blog

I wanted to share something my parish is doing that is breathing a lot of life into our adult formation. It is easy to do, and the congregation is loving it. Also, in terms of planning, I am not having to create new and topics every week. It is based in Bible reading, but has some advantages over the Bible in a Year challenge.

ON Scripture: A Resource for Adult Faith Formation

Odyssey Network’s ON Scripture -The Bible: connecting Sacred Texts with a modern world   What is ON Scripture? A multi-media resource to explore the relationship between the Bible and our lives today. Lectionary-based, thought-provoking, and complete with discussion questions and direction to learn more. Free. Led by faith leaders, ordained and lay, and partnered with Sojourners, […]

A New Children’s Bible You Need: Shine On!

A great new resource in the Shine curriculum, the Shine On Story Bible is for young people in grades 1 – 8. This story Bible provides a rich tapestry of maps, cartoons, and culturally-appropriate images for stories from the Old and New Testaments. Also available in Spanish!

The 320-page, hardcover book is filled with stories of people “wrestling to know God and give us a glimpse of God’s desire for the world.” Both Old and New Testament stories are included with highlights of biblical poetry, songs, laws, instructions, and history.

On Independence Day: What Does the Bible Say about Freedom?

On Independence Day we consider broad social and political freedoms in America. But the Bible has a specific view of freedom that will help us as Americans.

Bring the Bible to Life with a Human-Size Board Game

Imagine your class playing a board game where the board is the floor of a large room and your students are the game pieces! Sounds like fun? Well – here is how to create a learning experience disguised as fun. Determine the “journey” that will be the theme of your game. Some examples might be, […]

The Common English Bible “Study Bible”

While nearly nine-in-ten Americans own a Bible, 61 percent say they wish they read it more, and according to studies by the Barna Group, Bible literacy is at an all time low. Much of this can be accredited to the collective experience of readers having difficulty in comprehending scripture.