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5 Household Rituals for Christmas Eve

What does Christmas Eve look like in the home? Simple rituals like creche blessings, songs, and Bible stories draw our attention to Christ’s birth.

Sharing Faith: Celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah

Celebrating both Christmas and Hanukkah brings families together to share faith, tradition, food, and light. Links to recipes and books.

17 Christmas Pageant Survival Tips

A Christmas pageant survival checklist ensures the simplest of children’s pageants run more smoothly. A gift during this hectic, if joyful, time of year!

Advent Books and Resources (Forward Movement)

Forward Movement offers resources for the 2016 season of Advent: books for individuals and families for daily devotion and preparation.

A Christmas Reflection: Mystery, Magic, and Oranges

The small gifts of church and family last for decades in the bright Christmas Eve smell of oranges.

A Church Caroling Party!

A church revamps its annual Christmas caroling event to reach young families, and to sing at group-homes and nursing homes. Party includes crafts and dinner.

3-Sentence Stories: Writing Short is Fun for All Ages

Writing 3-sentence stories offers a new perspective for Christian formation. All ages can participate, in Sunday schools, youth groups, or families.

Book Review: Three Children’s Books for Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, Kate Siberine reviews three children’s books for Christmas. These are sure to be favorites for any child in your life.

Go Ahead: PLAY with Your Nativity Creche

Five ways your family can use your nativity creche to incorporate a deeper understanding of the Christmas season.

Blue Christmas: Celebrating Christ Amidst Sadness

A Blue Christmas service may be offered by churches for those who may be mourning or feeling loss at this time of year. Celebrating Christ, and inviting sadness.

Christmas Eve for the Christian Household

By incorporating these traditions and rituals, you can lead your household to center of Christmas Eve: welcoming Jesus Christ as savior.

“Was There a Moment?” Happy Christmas from Building Faith

Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas, from your friends at Building Faith!

“Was there a moment, known only to God,
when all the stars held their breath,

The Christmas Story Video – A Reminder what the Nativity is all About

This video is the story of Christmas as told by the children of St Paul’s Church, Auckland, New Zealand. While the movie is a few years old now (made in 2010), it is a fresh and powerful as ever. Watch, enjoy, share, and let the joy of Christ’s birth fill your heart.

Lessons and Carols – The Church Service that “Went Viral”

The Festival of Lessons and Carols, like the best holiday traditions, is always the same, yet always new.  Plan yours with care; enjoy it with delight!       Why Lessons and Carols works Every December, choir directors the world over have the care and delight of preparing a Festival of Lessons and Carols.  Some might […]

Why We Need Christmas Pageants

I think our pageant captures some of the complication of the trip to Bethlehem. The Holy Family were compelled by law to travel, despite Mary’s pregnancy. They found a place to sleep that was most likely even more uncomfortable than a fold-out-sofa in a cramped guest room. It was inconvenient, uncomfortable, and travel was probably the last thing they felt like doing. As adults, I know we can relate.

7 Ways to Welcome Church Visitors on Christmas Eve

Churches welcome many visitors on Christmas Eve. Here are seven ways to promote your services and make people feel welcome at your church on Christmas Eve.

Make Welcoming Church Signs with an 8 Dollar Item

Plastic sign holders are a flexible and inexpensive way to add welcoming signage to your church. For example, at Christmas and other events.

In Defense of the Christmas Cookie – Recipes included

Baking cookies offers an important component to bake sales, caroling, and gifts: cooperation, concentration…and sugar! Making cookies from scratch is not much more complicated than ripping open a box or slicing cookies from a tube. However, it is infinitely more satisfying, and teaches young people important kitchen skills.

12 Children’s Christmas Books to Tell the Birth of Jesus

We’ve chosen twelve books that use text and image to capture the imagination of the very young and those who read to them! Some of these books use Scripture, some tell the story from the point of view of animals at the manger, some combine science and imagination to fill in what the Gospels don’t say. Grab a […]

Are You Good at Waiting? – Resources for Advent

We begin the season of Advent on November 30th this year. The first Sunday of Advent is also the first Sunday of a new church year. It marks the end of the old church year and the beginning of the new. The last day of Advent is always December 24th. The word advent comes from a Latin word meaning “coming” or “arrival.” In Advent we are waiting for the coming of the birth of Christ. In our own lives, Advent can be a special time of learning to wait, slowing down, and preparing for the birth of Christ.