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Showing Movies at Church: Do I Need a License?

So you want to show movies at church, but what about copyright? You DO need permission or a license. What you need to know, and sources to get a license.

A Call to Pastors: Keep Writing Thank You Notes

This ministry of gratitude is essential, for it reflects our gratitude to God for the many gifts and blessing we have received through the people who serve God and the church.

Freshly Brewed: 5 New Ideas for Coffee Hour

With careful planning, coffee hour can be where congregants spiritually nourish one another, newcomers feel welcomed, and oldtimers enjoy fellowship.

Spiritual Fun with Dry Erase Markers

Little ideas can strengthen faith. Use dry erase markers to write Bible verses, faith messages, or pictures. Works for church, or on the mirror at home!

9 Ways for Churches to Stay Connected with Parishioners Over the Summer

Most churches see attendance decline in the summer, but here are ways to buck the trend, and build spiritual connection throughout the season.

3 Websites that Connect Church to Home

Separate from the main church website, these churches made unique websites to focus on Christian formation and give tools for faith at home.

A Church Caroling Party!

A church revamps its annual Christmas caroling event to reach young families, and to sing at group-homes and nursing homes. Party includes crafts and dinner.

Top Ten PG Movies for Church Groups

Need good movies for church? 10 PG movies to watch with younger youth groups. Includes descriptions of each movie and why it would make a good showing.

How Do We Teach Children Stewardship?

Will our children be generous? Will they give to others and to the church? Children’s stewardship starts when adults and churches model generosity.

How to Get the Most from your Church Facebook Page: 10 Tips

Does your church have a Facebook page? Does your church know how to use it? Here are 10 tips for reaching people and sharing your message through Facebook.

Crowdfunding: How Churches Go Online to Fund Projects

hurches have always raised money for projects, building relationships in mission. Online platforms for crowdfunding make this process easy and exciting.

4 Questions for all Ministers to Answer

Young or old, lay or ordained, what are the four qualities needed to be a great minister in the church? Bishop Shand tells us the four questions he asks, directly or indirectly, to every minister.

The Joy of Singing with Children

In 2013 Brook Packard wrote a series of articles for Building Faith about singing with children. She shared wisdom from her many years of experience as an educator, musician, and Christian formation leader. These articles are rich with practical tips, overall advice, and ways to keep the joy of singing alive. If you or anyone you know works with children, these articles must reads!

How to Write your Pastor a Thank You Note

Have you thanked your pastor and church leaders lately? Carolyn Chilton shares four tips for how to write a thank you note. One note makes a big difference.

Gifts for Graduating Seniors

Churches play an important role in sending off high school seniors. Special gifts can mark the occasion. Some suggestions including books and other ideas.

“All God’s Children” – A Lenten Program for all Ages

GenOn has produced “All God’s Children.” This five-week series offers activities, Bible Study, and group learning for all ages. Designed for Lent.

Breaking Bread: Why Churches Still Need Dinner Groups

Dinner groups occasionally draw new members into congregational life, satisfying the original “foyer” intent. One parish newcomer noted, “I always came away from a dinner with a better appreciation of who we are as a community and how we got here.” But for us they have a wider purpose: facilitating social engagement outside the church walls.

Make Welcoming Church Signs with an 8 Dollar Item

Plastic sign holders are a flexible and inexpensive way to add welcoming signage to your church. For example, at Christmas and other events.

Dear Parents: Thank You for Bringing your Children to Church

As people engaged in communicating the love of God to children, we know the value of age appropriate learning led by loving teachers using pedagogically sound resources. And we also understand the importance of including children in intergenerational worship.

Too often I’ve witnessed parents, weary and worried about disrupting the service, apologize to the people around because their children were wiggly or loud. They shouldn’t have to feel that way. Parents, grandparents and other caregivers may wonder at times if it is worth all the effort. This letter is for them:

Advent Wreath Liturgy and Prayers for Church

Many churches light Advent wreath candles in Advent. While there is no official custom or prayers, here is scripture/liturgy/prayers you can use or adapt.