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Success Story: Car Blessings in the Church Lot!

In Epiphany, fifth graders’ car blessings encouraging people to ‘follow the light’ were placed on windshields during those cloudy, dark winter days.

Rhythms of Grace: How One Church Feeds Special Needs

Rhythms of Grace is relatively simple, affordable, and adaptive and can be effectively used to bring the Gospel to people not currently being served. Designed for those on the Autism spectrum, it is also very welcoming to individuals with other diagnoses like Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, ADHD, Down Syndrome, and neuro-typical children with ordinary wiggly squigglies, as well as youth and adults.

Building Faith Does Mission Trips: 5 Helpful Posts

Five posts on mission trips to make the most of your time away. Included are many ideas for connecting those on the trip with those who remain at home.

Intergenerational Program: The Velveteen Rabbit

  Magic happens when a story draws adult and child into a world of make-believe. Reading together is a precious gift of time that feeds the soul and nurtures the heart.     Each year the season of Advent reminds us that God’s love became incarnate in a stable in Bethlehem. This year, St Cuthbert’s offered an intergenerational […]

Freshly Brewed: 5 New Ideas for Coffee Hour

With careful planning, coffee hour can be where congregants spiritually nourish one another, newcomers feel welcomed, and oldtimers enjoy fellowship.

The Congregation that Reads Together: A Book Basket Enhances Adult Ed.

With limited time and space for Sunday morning adult education, one congregation chooses a book to read as a community; conversation and community grow.

Could Your Church Geocache? (And what is that?)

  “Gracious God, Bless the visitors that come to find our cache. We pray that all who find it know your presence in our church, our community and our world.”       What is Geocaching? Geocaching is an outdoor game where players hunt for containers of all sizes using clues and coordinates found online. […]

Why Church Potlucks are Here to Stay

Potluck church suppers are an opportunity for sharing more than food. Creating a culture of sharing what we bring to the table creates a closer community.

Feral Church Children: Kids Need Time to “Just Be” at Church

“I love that young people are in church, not for a specified purpose, but just to “be.” Just to hang out. Just to be bored. Just to poke around… They form relationships, they form their own community.”     Unstructured Time As the Director of Children’s Ministry, I take great pride in our well-structured church programming. […]

Why Your Youth Group Needs an Adult Sponsor Team

A healthy adult sponsor team for your youth group will help your youth develop stronger faith. Here are tips for recruiting a strong team of adult sponsors.

Why We Allowed Phones on the Youth Mission Trip

For years it was a tried and true rule: no phones. But this year we asks teens to help tell a digital story. We are pleasantly surprised, and so were they!

Coffee to Go – A church connects with the community, one cup at a time

A church decides to hand out free coffee in the community. The result “Coffee to Go,” and it is a blessing all around.

How to Feed a Youth Group (When they’re tired of pizza)

There are plenty reasons why pizza is an ideal food for youth groups. It arrives ready-to-eat; most people like it (vegetarians included); and it can be very cost effective, depending on the deal you have with your local pizza place.

But pizza can wear a little thin (get it?).

We asked Blake Woods* and Randall Curtis*, both experts with years of youth and young adult ministry experience: what are the other options for feeding a group?

“You Gotta Go Where the Dogs Are” – Taking St. Francis Day to the Park

This past Saturday, October 4th, was the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi. It is a tradition to bless animals on this date, as St. Francis is the patron saint of animals.

Many churches and schools hold blessings ceremonies. This year, as the date fell on a Saturday, my family and I decided to do some extra blessings – at the local dog park.

A Church Takes Adult Formation into the Community – “Prayerbooks and Potables”

And that pretty much sums up the recipe for this amazing new class at Immanuel Episcopal Church in Mechanicsville, Virginia. The ingredients are simple: food, drink, conversation, hospitality and learning in a casual restaurant setting. The Rev. Anne Lane Witt, the Rector at Immanuel wanted an adult formation opportunity that combined these elements AND was out in their local community not within the walls of the church.

“Prayer Books and Potables” is the result. It is a monthly gathering of adults of all ages – some in her church and some not connected to any church – who share a meal and study a particular topic in the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer.

New Life in New Places – A Pastor Comes to San Marcos

It is an exciting time to be working in the Church. God is doing marvelous and transformative wonders everyday and San Marcos is a community that is right in the middle of that. The compassion and openheartedness with which they have welcomed me into their community and their willingness to be open to new ministries is amazing. This is a congregation that is innovative and dynamic and, with the help of the Holy Spirit, has a long and bright future ahead of it. It is an exciting time to be working in the Church indeed!

How to Host a Church Motorcycle Blessing

This past Pentecost Sunday, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Kasson, MN, celebrated a Blessing of the Bikes. After the recessional hymn we followed the Cross outside to the front of the church, where we gathered for a prayer together before blessing the riders and their bikes. After another prayer together the riders started up their bikes and revved the engines – the sound was like church bells.

Pancake Supper Survival Guide

You agreed in a pre-pageant haze to take over this year’s Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper. Lent seemed so far away…

Now it’s around the corner. You know people will show up, hungry. You know you have volunteers. What you don’t know is how to turn on the church oven.

Breathe. You can do this. We can help. Here at Building Faith we have BTDT experts to offer wisdom for just such occasions. BTDT, of course, stands for “Been There, Done That.”

Three-Sentence Stories Build Faith and Community

So often we miss out on hearing wonderful stories from each other, simply because we lack the avenues to share them. Sometimes when we do ask people to share their stories, their language is too vague, or they take too long to tell the story, and its power is diminished.


You would think that in a world where instant communication is old news and time travel seems to really be right around the corner, we would be a more connected and trusting people.