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Confirmation: Hope for a Lost Sacrament?

When young people feel seen and heard, their faith readiness becomes apparent. Valued, confirmands become engaged in authentic community where deep examination of belief and practice matter. Such a dynamic climate sustains a confirmation program, strengthens the host congregation, and retains youth after they are confirmed. The data shows that teenagers are already motivated to participate.

Mentoring: The Missing Key to Confirmation?

Relationships between youth and trusted adults strengthen confirmation programs and congregational support.

8 Questions to Ask Before Planning Confirmation Class

New research shows: Confirmation is vital for youth faith development and church vitality. Such a program calls for vigorous planning.

Burning Palms to Ashes with the Confirmation Class

For Ash Wednesday, Christians often burn the palms from the previous Palm Sunday. What happens when you invite your confirmation class to help?

Saving a Sacrament – The Future of Confirmation

Youth confirmation, or whatever we come to call a period of intentional adolescent discipleship, should be about the church equipping young people for lives of faithful purpose as followers of Jesus.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know: A Recipe for Confirmation

Home baked bread has been part of my life ever since I can remember. On Sundays my mother would take out the Joy of Cooking, turn to page 603, and begin gathering the ingredients. By evening our family was gathered around the kitchen table for warm bread topped with melting butter. I use that same […]

Things That Every Christian Should Know

What “things” do you think that every Christian should know? Are they facts, bible stories, theological concepts, spiritual practices? Is it important to “know” things to be a Christian?

Confirmation’s Purpose

Confirmation, to the degree that it is relational, is about the relationship between the candidate, who is renewing baptismal promises, and the Lord into whom she was baptized.

Confirmation = Dignity

It took me a long time before I realized the Confirmation process, at least in my experience, was such a sham! Every year mothers dragged their 8th graders into the Confirmation class, kicking and screaming. Then, I, as the priest would speak to them about the Church, God, the Bible – stuff of which they had no interest.

Reel Theology: Finding God in Hollywood

I remember how my mom turned a chance viewing of A Weekend at Bernie’s into an extended metaphor for our constant struggle to live out the Pauline notion that the old self was crucified with Christ “so that the body of sin might be destroyed” (Romans 6:6).

Creed + Promise + Covenant

When we say, “I believe in God . . .” we are saying “I give my heart to God.” We are expressing a desire to be in relationship with God. Which God? “The God who made heaven and earth.” The God who loves us so much he gave his only son to show us how to live and even die on the cross. It is the God who conquered death in the resurrection and gave us the Holy Spirit so that we will continue to know God’s love.

The Roots of Baptism (and Confirmation)

Baptism has its roots in ancient practices that preceded Christianity. Jewish rituals of purification were centered on the cleansing of the body with water. Many Jewish customs found their way into the initiation rites of the Early Church.

The Importance of Mentors

No matter where we live: cities or suburbs, towns or rural areas, all our struggles are similar. All communities, regardless of size or wealth, face the enormous challenge of fragmentation. Family life is seriously threatened by the schedules we keep. Often our young people lack the sense of community beyond family that is critical to understanding the church and its mission.