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For Good Friday: The Earliest Image of the Crucifixion

This item in the British Museum is the earliest known narrative portrayal of the Crucifixion. It is a panel from an ivory casket from around 400 AD.

Make a Resurrection Set: Hands-on Easter Learning

How to download, make, and use a resurrection set to teach children about Good Friday and Easter.

A Holy Saturday Reflection

I suddenly get it–
the link between Good Friday and Halloween,
between Halloween and Easter:
these Holy Week holidays carry their own brand of terror–
demanding more than any of us can bear.

Being Lifted Up: The Crucifixion

The lifting up of Jesus on a cross is part of a single movement, part of his lifting up in his resurrection from the dead and his exaltation and ascension to union with God.

Holy Week, the Cross, and Children

The events of Jesus’ death are shocking and violent, but we cannot fully live into Easter if we have not experienced Jesus’ death. There are ways to approach this with children that make it easier to share the whole story.