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A Curriculum that Forms and Supports Teachers: The Episcopal Children’s Curriculum

Through its lesson plans and supplemental materials, the Episcopal Children’s Curriculum forms and supports teachers as well as children.

Bits and Pieces: How We Use the Episcopal Children’s Curriculum

How to use the Episcopal Children’s Curriculum in pieces and as a whole to offer the very best Christian Formation lessons and materials available.

Navigating the Episcopal Children’s Curriculum Online

The entire Episcopal Children’s Curriculum is archived online. We’ll walk you through what the curriculum looks like and how to locate the pieces.

Choosing a New Curriculum? Read This First!

  “Take a step back to look at the church as a whole, its strengths and weaknesses, its character or ethos, its beliefs and faith identity, among other factors.”     Matching Resources to Church Identity Every year the Center for the Ministry of Teaching (CMT) gets phone calls and emails from alumni, clergy, and […]

Curriculum Review: Pilgrim

Pilgrim is a two-track small group curriculum that builds a strong foundation for followers of Jesus, whether they are beginning their journey or want to travel further.

Curriculum Review: Frolic (Ages 0-3)

Frolic fosters a loving environment in which children 0-3, their parents and caregivers, can learn about prayer, Scripture, God, and the world around them.

Does your Church Have Benchmarks for Christian Education?

Christian education benchmarks provide consistent reference points against which formation activities can be measured, encouraging teaching and learning in the congregation.

What Curriculum do You Use? Take this Important Survey

It is time for another survey – to learn what congregations are using in their faith formation programs as well as what new resources are needed.

Introducing ‘Sparkhouse Family’: Books, Videos, & More

Sparkhouse Family offers trusted books and videos for at-home access. Parents and caregivers have new tools to pass on faith to children at home.

Illustrated Children’s Ministry: A Resource for all Ages

Illustrated Children’s Ministry provides artistic resources for learning and coloring throughout the church year, for congregations, classrooms and homes.

Sunday School Rotation Model: How it Works

The Rotation Model is an exciting Sunday School option that uses art, music, cooking, to teach Bible stories. Fin out how it works: benefits and challenges.

Whirl by Sparkhouse: Curriculum Review

Looking for a well-rounded Sunday school curriculum for ages pre-K to 6th? The CMT reviews Whirl curriculum, a lectionary based program with lots to offer.

A Guide to “Hacking” Curriculum – How to invent a new program using what you already have

If your church is like my church, you’ve got a few years’ worth of discarded curricula hanging around in your Sunday School closet. And if your church is like my church, you’ve also got a population of harried, overworked adults, with or without kids, for whom clearing out a weekday evening every week for Bible study is simply out of the question.

Choosing a Children’s Curriculum for Faith Formation

As springtime rolls around for Christian educators (even in the midst of Lent), thoughts turn to reviewing curricula, especially if your church is feeling the need for a change or what you have been using is about to be discontinued. Now is the time to begin the research, as it really takes a concerted effort to evaluate what you’ve been using, what’s been working, what’s not been working, what direction you want to go (or continue on), and how the needs of your church (and its families and children) have changed.

With that in mind, springtime has meant a time for me to update the curriculum overview charts that I’ve been doing for 10+ years. Most of the time, each year I simply need to make sure the website address for each resource is correct and update the prices (which inevitably go up a few dollars and cents every year). There’s always a program that is no longer being published or a new one making its debut.

All that remains true for the 2014-2015 program year, with a few additional changes I’ve discovered as I updated, added, and subtracted from my 2013 charts:

Resources for Youth Formation

Any ONE curricular resource will probably not fit your whole group. Which is why you may have to tap into several resources and tweak them to fit your (and your group’s) needs.

Evolution & Faith: Understanding Charles Darwin

There are two ways of viewing faith and science. One assumes that God’s works (nature) should be interpreted through God’s Word (sacred texts). The other view assumes that God’s Word (sacred texts) should be viewed through the lens of God’s work’s (nature).

The Rhythm of the Atrium

The child from one’s own present cultural reality begins to see oneself as a collaborator with God in the unfolding drama of salvation history – and contemplates the question – “What is my place in it?”

The Compendium of the Church Mice

The Compendium includes “Seasonal Big Ideas” to help introduce children to the seasons of the church. Each church season—Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week/Easter, Pentecost, and Advent/Christmas—is tied to a specific Mark of Mission.

Education for Ministry

Lay persons face the difficult and often subtle task of interpreting the richness of the church’s faith in a complex and confusing world. They need a theological education which supports their faith and also teaches them to express that faith in day-to-day events.


Book reviews, lesson plans, ideas for ministry, and a search engine that allows you to seek books related to scripture or themes makes this website and its content a place to bookmark, subscribe to, and visit on a regular basis for excellent resources to supplement your formation ministries with children – and youth!