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Things That Every Christian Should Know

What “things” do you think that every Christian should know? Are they facts, bible stories, theological concepts, spiritual practices? Is it important to “know” things to be a Christian?

Church School Can Be Bad for Your Health

We carve up the Bible into “Bible stories,” so that few children even suspect that the story of God’s people – our story – is not a collection of object lessons or heartwarming anecdotes, but a long story of unbearable loss – and unbearable hope.

“Help Me Come Closer to God by Myself”

Call and commitment is the bottom line for the catechist and the parish. When one is called there are no obstacles – so often in recruitment everything can be seen as an obstacle.

Planning Children’s Chapel: Nuts & Bolts

As the children’s and adults’ liturgies should form an organic whole, make sure your priest knows what’s going on, particularly when it comes to their return and any presentation they may have to make.

Using Video in Formation

With the advent of using technology in curriculum, one of the media that can be tapped into successfully is the use of video – not just popping in a DVD, but creating and / or thinking outside the box in how this platform can be use.

Curriculum Survey Results

Those churches that have a designated person (staff) to oversee educational ministries have more consistent and well attended programs, compensating for the lack of time that volunteers are able to give toward organizing and implementing such programs.

The New World of Curriculum: Part 2

We need to engage people in a wide variety of experiences tailored to their needs, interests, spiritual journey and busy lives. We have the ability to connect people to each other – in physical places and virtual spaces

The New World of Curriculum: Part 1

Days are numbered for an educational environment that does not address real-time issues. In today’s virtual classroom, students from all walks of life, geographic locations, and educational backgrounds have a plethora of relevant options to explore referencing their educational endeavors.

The Call to Ministry in Early Pentecost

Summer is a time for the harvester of the kingdom to be preparing for the harvest rather than to be dozing under an old oak tree!

Interfaith Cooperation

Interfaith work is only meaningful when it mobilizes diverse religious/secular narratives and communities in support of progressive politics.

What Curricula Do You Use?

Whether it is regarding children, youth or adults, MER strives to listen to the needs of the church to offer curricula and program resources for building faithful communities that empower their members to live their faith out in the world.

But we ALWAYS had Sunday School!

No we didn’t. Sunday School did not begin with Adam and Eve reading Bible stories to Cain and Abel. Jesus didn’t hold a Torah School for little children either. Where did this practice come from?

Creative Writing in Faith Formation

Our aim is not a set of polished pieces of writing. Our aim is a community of Christians drawing more deeply on their experiences and imagination as they engage with scripture and one another.

When is VBS not VBS? Arts Camp at St. B’s

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Denver likes to dance to our own slightly different beat, even while we embrace the scripture and deeply rooted traditions of our faith. So, not surprisingly, we have a weeklong summer day camp every year. Also not surprisingly, it’s not Vacation Bible School.

21st Century Faith Formation

It is now possible for a congregation to provide faith formation for everyone, anytime, anywhere, 24x7x365. It is now possible to customize and personalize faith formation for all ages around the life tasks and issues, interests, religious and spiritual needs, and busy lives of people.

Conscious Collecting

“Conscious Collecting” as a way to describe our intention when we introduce an outreach ministry and collect a special offering toward that chosen ministry. We look for resources that will teach our children and youth the importance of giving from our abundance to people living in scarcity.

“Grace Builds on Nature”

People spent much more time with plants and animals long ago than we do today in activities such as farming, gardening, and shepherding. As a result, their voices offer deep spiritual insights into how God is at work in nature.

The Godly Play Spiral Curriculum and Child Development – Part 2

During late childhood, the mentoring of stories in an authentic way continues to be of the utmost importance. At this stage children need teachers who are very experienced with all of the stories on the shelves and who are ready to challenge the older child’s questioning and resistance.

The Godly Play Spiral Curriculum and Child Development: Part 1

The primary thing that is learned during early childhood is to love the materials and to seriously engage in the wondering with the other children about what the presentations mean. Whey young children learn, mostly by example, how to love the language of the Christian People, then, a good foundation is laid.

Hidden Treasures

Surprises awaited us at each new place. Some of course, were less than joyful – but one that was particularly delightful was the discovery of the remnants of a late 19th – early 20th century Sunday School Teachers Library.