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Ministering to Generation X

Xers, brought up in a commercial-saturated culture where everyone is selling something will always be asking, “What’s the hidden agenda? What’s in it for the one telling me this? What is this really about?”

Renew 52

I believe the church today is suffering from a failure of imagination. We have a long and distinguished history of being the church and this tradition has served us well. It allows us to function and helps us remain faithful to God’s call. But I wonder if we are too comfortable with this tradition and history.

Christianity Needs Revolution

By the time I started high school, I had transformed into what some people call a “Sunday-and-Wednesday” Christian. At times I felt I was two different people: one person within the walls of the church and another outside the walls of the church.

Christian Faith and the Next Generation

“How can we reclaim the drop-outs from our church? How do we promote retention of young adults? But first we need to understand why this generation has left in the first place.” Brian McLaren

Breaking the Bubble Wrap

In today’s world we need to rethink what it means to, in Paul’s words, raise new generations “in the nurture and instruction of the Lord,” including the social, economic, and political dimensions of that instruction.

Twittering a Conference – Pt. 2

Shane Clairborne, “We’re going to lose young people becaue we haven’t trusted youth to share the gospel but just played games with them.”

Twittering a Conference: Pt. 1

I still have a notebook full of chicken scratches and phrases with the hopes of writing articles. But time moves on as well as my travel schedule, so I’m turning to my “Twitter” feed from the conference to put things in perspective

Church & Mission: Gospel & Culture

Cultures are the substance from within which churches emerge and are immersed, and these cultures have characteristics and expressions that may be adopted, adapted, transformed from the inside, discarded, and replaced.

Children, Youth and a New Kind of Christianity

A week ago, over 400 individuals from across the United States (plus Canada, United Kingdom and New Zealand) gathered in Washington, DC at Grace Baptist Church for a conference to explore what Christianity is about in today’s world with a focus on children and youth.

Formation and Small Groups

Forming disciples is one of the most ancient mandates of the Church. From the beginning, small groups of Jesus’ followers gathered in homes to ‘continue in the apostles’ teachings and the prayers.’ Small groups are one of the most important places for discipleship formation in a context like ours.

A 2010 Prediction Revisited

As a response to the financial bruising on the Western church system (church, seminary, publishing, para-church, conference – all of which are co-dependent and therefore suffering together), new forms of Christian-based co-operative structures will emerge.

Learnings from the Conference on Emerging Adulthood

It did not come as a surprise that there has not been much study of our Emerging Adults because they do not self-identify as “devout” or “religious” – rather, if they identify at all with religious beliefs they name themselves “spiritual, but not religious.”

Ancient Future Disciples

Becky Garrison shifts the popular focus from the pioneers who founded emerging congregations to those finding appeal and belonging within them. What draws followers to these ’emerging church’ communities? Why are they coming back, or are they? How do they understand themselves to be “church” or do they?

Got “Boomerangs”?

Most middle class/ upper-middle class congregations do. You may know them by another name – “Twenty-Somethings” or “Emerging Adults”- and chances are you know of them in your congregation, but you don’t see them at worship on Sunday. Mostly, you hear a reference to them from a parent who mentions that their age twenty-something is living at home again between jobs, finishing up graduate school or marking time before leaving for the Peace Corps.

Worship and the Emergent Church

What happens when two bishops, one known for his liturgical scholarship and the other for her interest in contemporary culture, go looking for effective ways to share the good news of Jesus Christ in a rapidly changing world?

Embracing Emergence Christianity

What are the implications of the current “Great Emergence” that many believe we are experiencing today, both culturally and spiritually?

Characteristics of a Radically Welcoming Community

Radically welcoming communities aren’t perfect, and may never truly “arrive,” but they are becoming . . .

A New Portal: Progressive Christianity

Patheos announced the launch of a Progressive Christian portal designed as a marketplace of ideas for the evolving movement of Progressive Christianity.

Inviting, Inclusion, and Radical Welcome

Is your community one of invitation, inclusivity or radical welcome?

Radical Welcome and The Other

As you practice radical welcome, you join Jesus in stretching your arms and embracing The Other. You share the gifts of your tradition and culture, even as you allow your heart and your congregation’s life – its ministries, its identity, its worship, its relationships, its leadership – to be transformed by The Other’s presence, gifts and power among you.