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Aloha for Earth Day – 6 Ways to Honor the ‘Aina

In Hawaii caring for the land is a deeply held value. Learn more, including practical ways to celebrate Earth Day.

A Church Garden: Sanctuary for the Soul

“We were talking back then about how important is is for people to have a place where they can go to get away from everything and be renewed,” Amy said. “It’s so hard for churches to leave their doors open these days, for people to seek sanctuary inside, so that was the reason we started this garden; for a place of refuge.”

Greening Your Sunday School

As Christian Educators it is our responsibility to help the children make the connection between faith, stewardship, and environmental awareness.

Sunday Morning Sustainability

We can help bring healing to God’s people and God’s earth by examining our routines and changing our habits to live more simply and sustainably.

Go Green on Palm Sunday

Care and justice for all creation is a core value of most Christian denominations. Eco-justice ministries seek to heal, defend, and work toward justice for all God’s creation and to respect the kinship and connection of all that God created through education, advocacy, and action. Palm Sunday offers an opportunity for churches to put this value into action.

What Would Jesus Eat . . . Today?

Would Jesus likely be a vegetarian today? Does the Bible say anything about vegetarianism? Is eating meat sinful? What does it mean to “eat mercifully”?

Racism Isn’t “Natural”

In a paper that will be published in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, Eva Telzer of UCLA and three other researchers report that they’ve performed these amygdala studies – which had previously been done on adults – on children. And they found something interesting: the racial sensitivity of the amygdala doesn’t kick in until around age 14.

Sabbath Reflections: Capitalism and Inequity vs. a Gospel Mandate

‘The Kingdom of God is the celebration of Sabbath economics, of generous hospitality and sacrificial compassion, of investment in all that builds community, and the rejection of amassing fortunes in barns…’ This series of seven Sabbath reflections by Bishop George Browning are designed for individual or group use in parishes, seminaries and other study environments.

A Hungry God

Each generation has it own context for viewing nature and for sparking their imagination.

Stewardship Books for Children

There are many books written for children that can be translated into themes of stewardship – sharing one’s talents, gifts, possessions, time and money with others.

“Grace Builds on Nature”

People spent much more time with plants and animals long ago than we do today in activities such as farming, gardening, and shepherding. As a result, their voices offer deep spiritual insights into how God is at work in nature.

Connecting to God in Nature

People spent much more time with plants and animals long ago than we do today in activities such as farming, gardening, and shepherding. As a result, their voices offer deep spiritual insights into how God is at work in nature.

Grace on the Go: We’re Not Alone

Living in Arizona, I have found no need to look for mystery and otherness in outer space. There are plenty of fascinating alien plant and animal species right out the back door.

Sonoran Summer Vespers

Brother Sun calls goodnight as he turns out the light. Thanks be to God.
The mountains smile and wink as they watch him sink. Thanks be to God.
The Desert heaves a sigh as she says goodbye. Thanks be to God.

Keepers of Wonder

Parents are becoming more aware of the importance of helping the child to be at home in God’s world. Actually, the young child is already at home with all of creation. The challenge of the parent is not to block this natural desire, but rather to encourage it. Yes, to be keepers of wonder.

Grace on the Go: God Cooks from Scratch

As “Ragu with Pancetta and Prosciutto” is a specialty of Giada De Laurentiis, we are the concoction of a divine chef, made from scratch out of raw ingredients found on earth.

Barefoot Days

I can’t help but wonder if this child might be symbolic of today’s child so sensory deprived of nature and expressing a deep yearning to be reconnected. Maybe the deprivation is not the kind of socio-economic one of the inner city child in our neighborhood – but could it be a “soci-electronic” one within our own congregations?

Welcoming Rainbow Kids

“How can ministries become safe for “rainbow kids,” whether gender variant or questioning teens, children of LBGT parents, or other concerned youth?”

Grace on the Go: The Sky’s the Limit

No matter what awful things go on around us, it’s still God’s world. God loves the world, and is up to all kinds of good things at any given moment. If we learn to see with new eyes, we can live in a world addicted to bad news and electronic gadgets without losing joy, hope and humor.

Children’s Health & Healthy Aging

The Eco-Justice Network of the National Council of Churches is hosting two webinars about environmental health, and to learn how we can improve the health of God’s people through healthy, mindful living from the womb through old age.