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Webinar “Holy Communion: Teaching and Learning”

Join us for a free webinar. Our expert panelists will discuss big picture thinking and practical ideas for teach Holy Communion with all ages.

Bits and Pieces: How We Use the Episcopal Children’s Curriculum

How to use the Episcopal Children’s Curriculum in pieces and as a whole to offer the very best Christian Formation lessons and materials available.

Nourishing Stories: A Collaborative Art Project with Teens

Collaborative art projects fully engage teens. Experiential projects allow all styles of learners to shine, as different aspects require different skills.

First Communion for Children with Special Needs

All children can prepare for and receive the grace of the sacraments. When God invites, God provides. And when God provides, grace abounds! This moving story of Sue and Hector provides a powerful lesson, and practical suggestions for first communion for children with special needs.

Maundy Thursday with Children

Maundy Thursday comes alive with three stations: meal with communion; tracing feet; and foot washing. Practical suggestions for the event.

A Non-Sacramental Background

My own baptism at age thirteen was not something that was perfunctory. I can still remember the day my father talked to me about my need to be baptized. I was sitting in the kitchen of the Baptist parsonage where we lived, snacking on cookies and drinking a Coke.

Chalices and the Holy Grail

The Chalice of Ardagh, discovered in 1868 in County Limerick, Ireland, is one of the most beautiful ever found. Seven inches high and nearly 9.5 inches in diameter, the bowl holds three pints!

Magic and Faith

The US Today newspaper recently had an article regarding the faith (or lack thereof) of magicians. It seems Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller) has a new book out, “God, No!” He’s an atheist and shares his views of faith and magic and how the two merge for him

Resources for Children & Worship

For many churches, having children present (and participating) in worship continues to be a contentious issue.

Children and Eucharist

Our grandson, born in the late 1980s, was blessed to belong to a church that did indeed honor the rich spiritual potential of the young child. A their Sunday morning Family Eucharist he was welcomed at the Table of the Lord to receive the Bread and the Wine along with his parents and the parish community.