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I’m a Church Greeter… And an Evangelist!

Summer is high season for visiting. Guests are looking to see if your church will be a good fit; greeters are the first people they meet!

Want Easter Guests to Come Back? Invite Them to Your Next Big Thing

Inviting your guests to what is coming up next at your church is an important part of welcoming and evangelism. Easter affords an opportunity to welcome large numbers of new faces to the Next Big Thing with your congregation.

How to Get the Most from your Church Facebook Page: 10 Tips

Does your church have a Facebook page? Does your church know how to use it? Here are 10 tips for reaching people and sharing your message through Facebook.

The Church Has Many Doors: Inviting Others to Lent

So…invite people to Lent! I know it seems a bit counter-intuitive, but it isn’t really. What do all the studies tell us that people in the U.S. want from religion or spirituality? They want a sense of mystery, silence, a connection to God and connections to others. How can you open your many doors and offer this to your community during Lent?

Becoming a Welcoming Congregation – 7 Practical Tips

If you’re not excited about your church, nobody else will be either. A positive attitude is infectious.

Leaving the Church

Most people want to grow spiritually, and it’s hard to do that in churches that spend an inordinate amount of time catering to the spiritual lowest common denominator.

Young Adults: Seeking Authenticity & Relevance

Young people are not looking for the easy path in life. They don’t mind a challenge – it is too often us who fear the challenge. They are not looking for the path of least resistance.

Life in a New Apostolic Age

America is profoundly divided. Trust has eroded. For many people, there is a sense that the modern Western myths of technological progress and mastery have run their course. A new spiritual hunger has emerged as people seek meaning, purpose, community, and sustainable ways of living on this earth together amidst global diversity.

What We Shall Become

God’s Spirit is present in varied places and communities, and if we are to be faithful, part of our job is to build partnerships for mission with others who share our understanding of what God’s mission is about.

Free Coke if you Talk with us about Jesus

Three years ago, some of us wanted to create a space where people would feel free to have conversations about faith while they were at the block party.  So we made two big signs that said:  Free Coke if you Talk with us about Jesus for Three Minutes.  We filled coolers with drinks, set up chairs, prayed, and waited to see what would happen.

Flat Jesus

He arrived in a plain brown envelope, with an evangelical message stuck to the front: “Do not bend. Flat Jesus enclosed.”

Take a Seat – Make a Friend

Did you know that these can build community? Did you know that these can set the scene for a theological reflection? A moment of transformation? An opportunity for evangelism?


The idea that, by welcoming a stranger, one might be entertaining angels unaware (Hebrews 13:2) seems to have been a widespread belief. Besides, one never knew when one might need hospitality in return.

An Interview with Mary Magdalene

A reporter for the Jerusalem Journal, a distant cousin of Mary Magdalene, sat down with Mary Magdalene, privately, in a interview that lasted about an hour. This is the unofficial version of that interview, which up to this time, has never been published.

The T-Shirt

Long ago I gave away nearly all of the ones I had collected over the years from being a part of things: college, the ballet, the schools I taught in, various churches, not-for-profit charity events, service corps, reunions, camps, spiritual direction programs, and even my own occasional “Life is Good” purchase.

To Welcome or To Invite

We’ve decided to quit being a welcoming church. No kidding. We’re giving it up. It won’t be easy, but we’re committed to it.

Story-Keeping, Story-Sharing, Story-Making

For Christians, the stories of God’s presence in history are the ground from which religion emerges and the means by which Christian faith continues as faith communities claim their story-keeping, story-sharing, and story-making functions.

Come Back, Easter Crowd!

Over the years, I have seen churches of all sizes compel the “Easter Crowd” to return the following weekend and eventually become part of the congregation. With some pre-planning and strategic intent, you can improve your odds at getting back the people who, otherwise, you might not see again for another year.

The Seductive Power of Coercion

The mouths of both women and men easily – all too easily – form words that intend to coerce, rather than invite; no one is exempt from this tendency by reason of sex or theological perspective.

Staying Grounded as Disciples

Discipleship is the ongoing formation of the people of God as followers of Jesus Christ. Apostleship is the response of all the baptized to the mission of God to be missionary people whose vocation is to carry, in word and deed, the Good News into every part of the world and by so doing call forth and authenticate the apostolic calling of all God’s people.