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21st Century Faith Formation

It is now possible for a congregation to provide faith formation for everyone, anytime, anywhere, 24x7x365. It is now possible to customize and personalize faith formation for all ages around the life tasks and issues, interests, religious and spiritual needs, and busy lives of people.

“Nones” more or less

For more than a year, I’ve been interviewing self-identified Nones—people who answer “none” when asked with what religion they affiliate or identify—across the United States. Lately, the people I’ve talked with have embraced the designation “None” more pointedly as a label for those straining to resist labels.

Young Adult Ministry: Clearstory Collective

From year-round outdoor street communities to farms of prayerful planting, from alternative worship in brew pubs to midnight breakfasts during college exams, from theological conversations in burger joints to contemplative candlelight services, Clearstory Collective is comprised of opportunities to explore oneself in the context of the something greater that many of us sense surrounds us.

Speaking Faithfully

by Jim Naughton and Rebecca Wilson What can we say that might induce people to hear what the church has to say? Adult learning experts tell us that adults learn something new when they need to know it. People come to church, or come back to church, because they need to know something new. When […]

Mission vs. Vision

Many churches have vision statements. Many have mission statements. What’s the difference? Does a church need both? Is one better than the other? It all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, as well as what you’re trying to communicate with others – in your congregation and beyond.

Impressed: How to Express your Church’s Values

How does a church convey its values in a short time? A bulletin which lists What we are for, What we are against, and What we value is a good start.

A Modern Day Sunday School Movement

When you look out your window into the street and around the community, what are today’s children doing and what are their pressing unmet needs? Are they hungry and homeless, easy victims of drugs and gangs? Are they in need of tutoring or medical services, in need of After School or weekday care?

Ministry On (and Off) the Field

Church school and youth ministry leaders often notice that children and youth who are active in hockey or other sports, may be absent from church programs for the sports season because the demands of Sunday practices and games draw them out of active church involvement for a time. The question is: How can congregations creatively respond to this reality?

Imagine a Church . . .

In order to not let my cynical side win and to really change, we need to stop living a lie. We are not as important as we think we are, and the world often chooses to ignore us. Yes, that saddens and frustrates me, but I think it is true. Perhaps people ignore us because we sometimes love our institution more than we love Jesus.

Hospitality: A Few Good Words

In order to share this good news with those who cross our thresholds, we first need to practice a few other goods words: Hello! Good morning! Welcome to our church!

National “Back to Church” Sunday

National Back to Church Sunday is based on the simple principle that 82% of people will come to church if invited by a friend, yet only 2% of church members invite their unchurched friends.

Ministry in the Circle of Social Networks

Should the church engage in this new social networking? The church is to help shape the society’s narrative in a way that God is made present everywhere. We are called to represent Christ in the world – both real and virtual.

The Ministry of the Baptized

The ministry of the church grows from a single shared root. We are not born as “ordained ministers” vs. “lay ministers”. We are born as children of God all of whom have a ministry given to us at baptism.

Keys to Attracting Young Adults in Church

Churches I visit are always looking for new programs or new curricula that will draw in young adults. I have heard ideas ranging from burning more incense to using television screens to entice the young crowd. But I firmly believe that no matter how melodic your chanting or how amazing your PowerPoint slideshow . . . that is not what attracts young adults.

Identity Issues That Affect Giving Practices

Stewardship isn’t fund-raising. The steward is one who is called on to manage something that belongs to someone else. That means two things: first, it isn’t really ours, and second, ours is a position of trust and responsibility for that for which we are called to care.

Return on Investment

Sometimes in our attempt to develop and understand and practice our faith, we fall into a worldly paradigm of barter. What will it cost me to be saved, to know redemption?

Virtually Religious: Technology and Congregations

The use of technology is now a congregational necessity that comes with significant ministerial advantages. A congregation that does not strategically employ these technologies is likely to be perceived as out of sync with the contemporary world.

Go For It! Invite a Friend to Church on Holy Week

In Holy Week (April 1-7 this year) the church dramatizes the events leading up to and including the suffering of Jesus on the cross. At Easter we dramatize Jesus’ resurrection. We live in a very pluralistic society, but many people still recognize the significance of Holy Week and Easter even if they don’t attend a church.

Transparent Evangelism

Enter Ryan. Dark, bearded, wide brown eyes, relaxed. He was wearing an aqua-colored T-shirt printed with these words that spanned the width of his chest. “I could talk about this stuff for hours.” Perfect, I thought. It might take hours.

The Bible Challenge

What if millions of Christians could develop a lifelong habit of reading the Bible and be inspired to encourage others to join us so that together we could share this spiritual practice and know the love that God has for us and take our faith more seriously?