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Building Faith Does Pentecost: 9 Helpful Posts

Christians around the world celebrate Pentecost, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Jesus’ disciples. Ideas for joyful celebrations in church or at home!

Building Faith Does Easter: 12 Helpful Posts

A wide variety of posts to help celebrate Easter Sunday and the whole season in church and at home, including crafts and teaching tools for all ages.

Building Faith Does Lent: 9 Helpful Posts

9 previous Lent posts for congregations and home full of reflection, liturgy, music, prayers and devotionals for the season.

Prayer Sticks: A Holy Home Activity

Making and using prayer sticks are a simple way to create an intentional and consistent prayer practice in your home.

Introducing ‘Sparkhouse Family’: Books, Videos, & More

Sparkhouse Family offers trusted books and videos for at-home access. Parents and caregivers have new tools to pass on faith to children at home.

Blessing Children in the Home

Blessing children is a reminder of what we already know: God is present, children are loved. Parents speaking this truth with a sign is a true blessing.

Maundy Thursday at Home: Stripping the Table

Bring the solemnity of Maundy Thursday home by ‘stripping’ your kitchen table and putting away ornaments and flowers from Thursday through Holy Saturday.

New Website for Faith at Home: GrowChristians.org

We recently heard about a new website being launched. GrowChristians.org will focus on faith at home, with first person reflections by many authors.

Ash Wednesday at Home: Fire and Ashes

Bring the household together with a fire, confess and burn sins, share marshmallows. Honor the beginning of Lent with an Ash Wednesday tradition.

3 Websites that Connect Church to Home

Separate from the main church website, these churches made unique websites to focus on Christian formation and give tools for faith at home.

Guiding Stars: An Epiphany Activity at Home

Using cut-out stars with words like hope, generosity, and patience, household members choose a “guiding star” for the year. A special Epiphany activity.

Advent in a Box

Faith building resources that put joyful Advent preparation into the hands of families, wherever they are.

Advent Discussion Spirals from Candle Press

CandlePress offers four-week Advent prayer spirals for all ages, with discussion starters and ideas to carry scripture through the week.

Spark Family Magazine Connects Church, Faith & Family

Looking for a way to connect your church families with their faith story when they are not in church? Spark Family Magazine is specifically for home use.

Tell Your Flock about Home Practices with this Pre-made Newsletter Article

With Home Practices, you’ll find free household activities and practices that are do-able, adaptable, fun, and meaningful.

Household Bible Reading with Lectio Divina

Reading the Bible at home builds faith and brings households together. Lectio Divina is a simple and fun way to read and engage as a group or individual.

Creating a Lenten Prayer Space at Home

In a family with small children it is often difficult to know how to create a space to journey through lent together in a developmentally appropriate way. Our family has tried different practices and readings through lent, but the one thing that has been constant in our Lenten practices is simply creating a collection of symbolic items in a central place in the home (i.e. on the family table or on a stand in a main living area).

A Resolve to Practice Faith at Home

Even if we sometimes feel unsure about adapting or creating family prayers, rituals, and other practices (and I don’t mind admitting that I do), it’s nice to have this concrete reminder that the way we live our everyday lives matters not just to God but to the corporate lives of even our smallest faith communities.

Advent Wreath Liturgy and Prayers for Church

Many churches light Advent wreath candles in Advent. While there is no official custom or prayers, here is scripture/liturgy/prayers you can use or adapt.

Nurturing Spirituality at Home

Kris Goodrich offers practical ideas for bringing faith into the home using scripture, crafts, and togetherness.