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Faith Words Matter: Helping Teens Articulate Faith

Naming everyday situations with faith words helps teens articulate their walk with God. Leaders guide and model, helping youth see God at work around them and in them.

Praying before Meals at Home

Does your household say a blessing before meals? Gary Taylor explains the importance of this faith practice, along with practical tips to get started.

Home Practices: Our Picks for Building Faithful Households

A new resource from Building Faith offers home practices that are do-able, adaptable, fun, and meaningful. Designed for households of all types and sizes.

Spy Wednesday

The Wednesday in Holy Week is called Spy Wednesday for Judas’ betrayal of Jesus. Amy Montanez asks us to reflect on betrayal, and God’s faithful call.

A Resolve to Practice Faith at Home

Even if we sometimes feel unsure about adapting or creating family prayers, rituals, and other practices (and I don’t mind admitting that I do), it’s nice to have this concrete reminder that the way we live our everyday lives matters not just to God but to the corporate lives of even our smallest faith communities.

How Faith Can Improve Mental Health and Reduce Stress Levels

Life today is as stressful as it has ever been, and this is reflected in the fact that anti-depressants are being prescribed at a higher rate than ever before. However, there is one age-old method that can reduce stress levels for free and without a prescription. People around the world rely on faith to see them through hard times. Faith and spirituality are abstract concepts, but they can lead to concrete results in mental health improvement and stress reduction.

Video Skits for Church and Youth Group – Funny and Powerful

These are two of my favorite resources for Christian video skits. You may have heard of them. And if not, you are in for a treat! The videos are funny, well produced, and well acted. The themes are directly related to Christian life, and they always include a challenge or thought provoking question. Both groups have dozens of videos, and you can search them by theme, topic, etc.
With both of these resources, here’s the deal: You can watch them for free on youtube. And if you were showing them to a small group just once, it would be ok to use the free version.

Rejoice! Building Faith Continues

For you shall go out in joy, and be led back in peace. The mountains and the hills before you shall burst into song, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands. -Isaiah 55:12     Greetings and blessings to you, whether you are a long time reader or new to this site.  […]

Three-Sentence Stories Build Faith and Community

So often we miss out on hearing wonderful stories from each other, simply because we lack the avenues to share them. Sometimes when we do ask people to share their stories, their language is too vague, or they take too long to tell the story, and its power is diminished.

Leaving the Church

Most people want to grow spiritually, and it’s hard to do that in churches that spend an inordinate amount of time catering to the spiritual lowest common denominator.

Youth, Doubt, and Grace

She’d stopped going up for communion the last few weeks. I knew she was experiencing serious doubts about the existence of God and the relevance of the church and it’s liturgy. So her question, and the answer I needed to give her, carried a lot of weight.

A Faith That Asks Questions

Does going to church or temple or mosque really accomplish anything? Does reading and reflecting on sacred writings have any actual power to inspire people of faith to be agents for peace, love and healing in our world?

Passing on the Faith – Religion Runs in the Family

After all, a child’s lack of religion is often no less an example of intentional religious formation on the part of parents.

What We Shall Become

God’s Spirit is present in varied places and communities, and if we are to be faithful, part of our job is to build partnerships for mission with others who share our understanding of what God’s mission is about.

Heresy Guaranteed

They may believe in the spiritual truth that God always comes back into relationship with humanity, but they do not buy the historical bodily resurrection of Jesus. Followers, people conscious of the presence of Jesus, are not necessarily committed to the theological statements about Jesus.

Evolution & Faith: Understanding Charles Darwin

There are two ways of viewing faith and science. One assumes that God’s works (nature) should be interpreted through God’s Word (sacred texts). The other view assumes that God’s Word (sacred texts) should be viewed through the lens of God’s work’s (nature).

Embracing Spiritual Awakening

We’ve moved from the conventional question to an experiential (or spiritual) question that has to do with how we experience belief. People will ask me the question sometimes multiple times in a single day, “How do you believe that?”

A New Monasticism

There’s a subtle movement underfoot in many of our cities. Young adults are putting their faith into action by living in faith communities that exist to serve those in the neighborhood in which they live.

My Faith, My World, My Voice

What if our churches engaged in recording the stories of its members? What if youth interviewed elders as well as the smallest child? What if families recorded their stories and shared them with other families?

The Purpose of Life

I hadn’t seen Stacey for a number of years. I remember her as a socially awkward, self deprecating girl who avoided social contact. She had transformed into an energetic, compassionate, loving and generous young woman. I asked myself, “What allowed for this radical transformation?”