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Teens, Sin, and Grace

Lisa Brown shares more of her wisdom on talking with teens about sin, grace, and forgiveness.

How to Talk with Teens about Sin

How do teens and youth understand sin, and how can adults discuss this topic in a faithful way? Lisa Brown offers practical ideas and great analogies.

Father Forgive Them: A Good Friday Meditation

“Father forgive them, for they do not what they are doing.” These words were spoken by Jesus from the cross, where, in this movie, Roman guards and a few Jewish on-lookers stood. I am not a Roman soldier or a Jew who asked for Jesus to be crucified. But I know I am an oppressor when I put other people down, when I hurt them physically, emotionally, or spiritually. We are, each of us, oppressors, when we don’t treat other human beings with respect, dignity, and a sense of belonging. We are the oppressors who need God’s forgiveness.

Ask the Animals

Angel was about three months old and might have been separated from her mother at an even younger age. She had few manners and for some reason had not learned to bark. My attempts, on all fours, to mimic a canine species with audible barking sounds were fruitless to teach her the ways of her kind. I wasn’t sure she knew she was a dog.

“Do You Love Me?” Parenting

There I stood by the tub with two shivering little girls, cowering in the corner – as if naked and ashamed in the Garden of Eden. The older one became the tearful spokes person as she stammered out their heartfelt question, “Mother, do you still love us?”