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On Good Friday: A Word from Isaac Watts

18th-century hymn writer Isaac Watts encourages us to stand closer to the cross and to Jesus, inspiring us with Christ’s love for us and our echoing love.

A Good Friday Meditation: Could Peter Forgive Himself?

Remorse, repentance, self-forgiveness. Peter leads us to consider all of these practices. On Good Friday, can we repent, stick with Jesus, and find forgiveness?

A Beginner’s Guide to Christian Fasting

The main purpose of fasting involves the question: What I am desiring to be filled with? Learn about planning your fast, and tips for moving though it.

Holy Week in a Box

Holy Week in a Box uses simple objects, tucked into a small box, and scripture, to tell the story of Jesus’ last week.

Holy Week with Children: 5 Helpful Posts

Guiding children through Jesus’ last days is a special privilege. These Holy Week worship services, tips, and talking points are invaluable.

For Good Friday: The Earliest Image of the Crucifixion

This item in the British Museum is the earliest known narrative portrayal of the Crucifixion. It is a panel from an ivory casket from around 400 AD.

Holy Week at Home: Family Practices for the Triduum

There are many ways to bring the fullness of Holy Week into the home. Try these specific activities for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with your household.

Holy Week Service of Tenebrae: Props & Movement

Carolyn Brown offers this brilliant way of using visual props to make a Holy Week service (Tenebrae) come alive. For children and intergenerational groups.

Father Forgive Them: A Good Friday Meditation

“Father forgive them, for they do not what they are doing.” These words were spoken by Jesus from the cross, where, in this movie, Roman guards and a few Jewish on-lookers stood. I am not a Roman soldier or a Jew who asked for Jesus to be crucified. But I know I am an oppressor when I put other people down, when I hurt them physically, emotionally, or spiritually. We are, each of us, oppressors, when we don’t treat other human beings with respect, dignity, and a sense of belonging. We are the oppressors who need God’s forgiveness.

A Story for Holy Week: “Ragman”

This is Holy Week, and many of you out there might be wondering what you might share with your Bible study, small group, youth group, or other group.

For you preachers out there, you may be looking a list of services and plugging in sermons, illustrations, and messages.
Or perhaps you are simply trying to faithfully observe Holy Week (not simple at all!) and looking for some extra inspiration.Here is a powerful short story you can use.

Children’s Stations of the Cross

Practical advice and suggestions for offering a stations of the cross service for children and families.

A Holy Saturday Reflection

I suddenly get it–
the link between Good Friday and Halloween,
between Halloween and Easter:
these Holy Week holidays carry their own brand of terror–
demanding more than any of us can bear.

Where God Hides Holiness

The Great Vigil of Easter is the culmination of the Triduum, one three-day service during Holy Week, the week Christians commemorate the final days of Jesus. It is one of the busiest times of the year for many clergy with services each day. This year, it also coincided with the anniversary of John’s death, which would lead to the anniversary of my grandmother’s death and the anniversary of my step-grandmother’s sudden death. Just to add to the stress, my stepfather was beginning the first of two serious surgeries for blood clots in his legs.

A Reflection on Good Friday: Room for Joy

So it’s not the pain of despair. A despairing Good Friday would be unbearable. That would be Bad Friday.

What makes Good Friday good, of course, is love, is Love, the willing sacrifice for the good of others. It is giving up, releasing, suffering, denying so others may have life, find joy, be accepted, come home, be healed.

Being Lifted Up: The Crucifixion

The lifting up of Jesus on a cross is part of a single movement, part of his lifting up in his resurrection from the dead and his exaltation and ascension to union with God.

Entering Holy Week: A Reflection by N.T. Wright

Isaiah 50 strikes a jarring note in the Palm Sunday celebrations. Which is just as well: we know the end of the story, the fickleness of the crowd, the turning of cheers to jeers. The only Hosannas that count are those that come afterwards, anticipating the day when every knee shall bow. Much as I enjoy Palm Sunday, I can’t help remembering that, when he was riding the donkey, Jesus was in tears.

The Work of Waiting

If you cringed just reading that word…waiting…you have lots of company, including me. Waiting has been a big theme in my life, so I have tried to embrace it. Most days it is still like trying to embrace a porcupine. If you know any people who say, “Oh, I just love waiting!” please have them contact me. I want to interview them.

The Triduum: Why these Three Days?

We have entered the most holiest of weeks for Christians and will soon be enveloped in the Triduum – three days of prayer in preparation of the greatest feast of the church year.

The Gethsemane Watch: A Maundy Thursday Vigil

Whatever vehicle is chosen to focus our prayer, the Gethsemane watch presents us with a superb opportunity to teach faithfulness in prayer and discipleship. “Could you not keep awake one hour?” were the words of Jesus in reproach to his hapless followers in the first Gethsemane.

Go For It! Invite a Friend to Church on Holy Week

In Holy Week (April 1-7 this year) the church dramatizes the events leading up to and including the suffering of Jesus on the cross. At Easter we dramatize Jesus’ resurrection. We live in a very pluralistic society, but many people still recognize the significance of Holy Week and Easter even if they don’t attend a church.