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Webinar “Holy Communion: Teaching and Learning”

Join us for a free webinar. Our expert panelists will discuss big picture thinking and practical ideas for teach Holy Communion with all ages.

How to Honor Communion without “First Communion”: One Episcopal Church Strikes a Balance

Classes for 2nd graders who have already been receiving the bread and wine deepen understanding of the practice of Communion through conversation and up close witnessing of the priest’s actions at the altar. A Eucharist Service honors those who have learned more about their faith through Communion.

Chalices and the Holy Grail

The Chalice of Ardagh, discovered in 1868 in County Limerick, Ireland, is one of the most beautiful ever found. Seven inches high and nearly 9.5 inches in diameter, the bowl holds three pints!

Children and Communion: Signs & Symbols

Almost before I could get the words out of my mouth as I held the small paten with bread, and read the words of Jesus saying “Take eat, this is my body”… . Aspen immediately jumped up with delight and pointed upward saying, “Upstairs.”

The Blessings of Children

We all have stories of toddlers learning to express themselves at the altar rail. When receiving a communion wafer a whisper is heard, “Are you God?” They know whose bread they eat! Or a little boy stating after receiving communion, “Every time I go to the altar to eat the bread of Jesus, he just makes my heart go thump.”

Resources for Children & Worship

For many churches, having children present (and participating) in worship continues to be a contentious issue.

Children and Eucharist

Our grandson, born in the late 1980s, was blessed to belong to a church that did indeed honor the rich spiritual potential of the young child. A their Sunday morning Family Eucharist he was welcomed at the Table of the Lord to receive the Bread and the Wine along with his parents and the parish community.

Reflections on Water, Grapes, and Grain

As we have played with water and fire, eaten matzo and communion bread and washed feet, I have been converted all over again by the power of God’s Story.

Water, Grapes, and Grain

Through water, grapes and grain, we are formed as Christians. An exploration of these two Sacraments is a grace-filled opportunity to help parents who may not be well versed in the Bible experience God’s grace and power with their children as they play in the water and knead the bread.