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Intergenerational Program: The Velveteen Rabbit

  Magic happens when a story draws adult and child into a world of make-believe. Reading together is a precious gift of time that feeds the soul and nurtures the heart.     Each year the season of Advent reminds us that God’s love became incarnate in a stable in Bethlehem. This year, St Cuthbert’s offered an intergenerational […]

Reverse Advent: A Spiritual Discipline of Reaching Out

A Reverse Advent Calendar encourages households to think about others’ needs during the season of giving. One congregation comes together to reach out to their community.

Faith Formation after 70: Ministry with Older Adults

In many churches, older adults are a large constituency. Yet they are often under-served. How can churches meet their needs in ministry? Practical ideas.

Illustrated Children’s Ministry: A Resource for all Ages

Illustrated Children’s Ministry provides artistic resources for learning and coloring throughout the church year, for congregations, classrooms and homes.

Group Activities for Lent: Prayer Loom and Prayer Net

Lenten group activities are intergenerational, flexible, and interactive. The Prayer Loom and the Prayer Net are two of our most popular experiential prayer activities.

All-Ages Church Activity: Making Social Media Graphics

Have you seen graphics on social media with beautiful backgrounds overlaid with scripture or prayer? You can make them as an intergenerational activity.

The Rite Place: Interactive Worship for Children & Adults

Children learn by participating fully in age-appropriate worship. Parents learn about worship with weekly, child-led instructed Eucharist, with Rite Place.

Three Models for Intergenerational Faith Formation

Churches are discovering the benefits of intergenerational faith formation. Large gatherings, small groups, or enhancing existing program all work for you.

Questions to Get Intergenerational Groups Talking

You’ve gathered an intergenerational group for formation or a meal. Now how to break the ice and get them talking? Questions that all ages can answer.

Presenting Bibles to Children – Make it Intergenerational

Many churches present Bibles to young people, but this church brings older adults, parents, and children together for an intergenerational process. Children hear from older adults about why the Bible is important to them, and then receive a bookmark filled with favorite Bible verses.

Holy Week Service of Tenebrae: Props & Movement

Carolyn Brown offers this brilliant way of using visual props to make a Holy Week service (Tenebrae) come alive. For children and intergenerational groups.

Making Easter Butterflies, Alleluia!

Make durable Easter butterflies that are fun for all ages, decorate the church garden, and symbolize the resurrection of Jesus.

“All God’s Children” – A Lenten Program for all Ages

GenOn has produced “All God’s Children.” This five-week series offers activities, Bible Study, and group learning for all ages. Designed for Lent.

Advent Wreath Making Survival Guide

Step-by-step guide for making Advent wreaths as part of an intergenerational church gathering. Practical tips, tricks, and advice.

Faith Formation Explained in 66 Words

“Faith is formed by the power of the Holy Spirit through personal, trusted relationships – often in our own homes.” 5 statements summing up Faith Formation.

The Good Book Club – An Intergenerational Sunday School Offering

The Good Book Club is summer Christian Formation for all ages at Grace & Holy Trinity Church. We’re an urban church in Richmond, VA, where many of our parishioners are gone on summer weekends. With reduced numbers, and wanting to encourage inter-age Bible study, we don’t offer traditional age-graded Sunday School. Instead we do the inter-generational Good Book Club. It meets at 9:00 a.m. between our two services, and lasts for 45 minutes. With continental breakfast, including Starbucks coffee (very important!), and we gather around the table to talk, study, eat and be together.

The Board Game of the Christian Life

These two aspects of our life create fertile ground for creative Christian formation. For Lisa Kimball and Patricia Lyons, this took the shape of an Epic Game during their keynote addresses at the 2014 Forma Tapestry Conference.

We’ve linked directions for the game below. We invite you to explore it, tinker with it, create new conversations and possibilities for ministry with it.

That Empty Feeling: What to do when nobody shows up for Sunday School

You know the feeling. You’ve spent several hours reading the coming week’s curriculum session, putting together a lesson plan, gathering materials, and arriving early to make sure everything is in order before your class arrives. They might be children, youth, or adults. You’re ready for them. And then… one or two participants show up – or no one does.

Three-Sentence Stories Build Faith and Community

So often we miss out on hearing wonderful stories from each other, simply because we lack the avenues to share them. Sometimes when we do ask people to share their stories, their language is too vague, or they take too long to tell the story, and its power is diminished.

A Unique Christmas Service – Four short plays proclaim the Nativity

Many families invite their extended families to join them for the service before having a Christmas Eve meal together. It is gratifying to see grandmas, grandpas, parents and children of all ages sitting and standing together as they watch the scenes.