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The Art of Leading Groups

Leading a group can feel intimidating. Planning, knowing your group, and sticking with main ideas will make you more comfortable as you lead.

Ready to Take the Step as a Christian Formation Leader?

Forma, a dynamic community of Christian educators, formation professionals, and their institutional partners in the Episcopal Church, is now offering a Certificate in Family and Youth Ministry and a Certificate in Leadership of Lifelong Christian Formation. Both are led by experienced Christian Formation leaders who are successful and creative leaders in this field.

Becoming a Welcoming Congregation – 7 Practical Tips

If you’re not excited about your church, nobody else will be either. A positive attitude is infectious.

Tourist, Missionary, or Pilgrim?

Preserve those who travel; surround them with your loving care; protect them from every danger; and bring them in safety to their journey’s end. Amen.

Life in a New Apostolic Age

America is profoundly divided. Trust has eroded. For many people, there is a sense that the modern Western myths of technological progress and mastery have run their course. A new spiritual hunger has emerged as people seek meaning, purpose, community, and sustainable ways of living on this earth together amidst global diversity.

Generational Staffing

The church as a whole seems to clamor for more youth involvement. But when we really tried to make changes in our parish, like pointedly asking young people to come aboard and help re-invent parish life, there wasn’t exactly cheering in the pews.

The Variable Elements of Small Group Covenants

Talking about those areas of different vision up front has turned out to be a good way to avoid frustration later when those
otherwise unexpressed expectations are not met.

Sacred Cows

Sacred cows might include: an individual who wields particular power and prestige in the congregation; the ministry or program that cannot be questioned; a particular part of the building, piece of art or item of furnishing; the building itself; or an endowment and its use.

Leadership: Without Apology

The church is to be a community that expects truth-telling from those who lead us, even if it means that the truth they must tell us is that they are not sure what the truth is in a given situation. And our leaders, moreover, are called to help us become the kind of people who can listen to truth because only the truth of Jesus Christ can truly set us free.

Answers Rather Than Questions

In the search for the solution to any problem, questions are always more important than answers because the way one frames the question, or the problem, already predetermines the range of answers on can conceive in response.

A Purposeful Plan for the Church

It is only right that the first priority of the church is Christian Formation. I define Christian as the creating of persons in the image of Christ and creating communities as a family of God.

The Enneagram

The Enneagram describes nine patterns or themes by which people form a personality, an a social persona, to meet the challenges of love and work.

Creating a Dream Team

Gone are the days (hopefully) when ministries with children, youth and adults are segregated into their own little fiefdoms.

Generational Differences in Leadership

How this impacts working in a church setting on the vestry and other various committees as well is something to keep in mind when calling individuals into new ministry as well as keeping those involved committed.

Bivocational Ministry

It now looks as if some form of bivocational ministry is the future of the church of Jesus Christ as a whole. We may all be headed to bivocational ministry, like it or not.

Ministering to Generation X

Xers, brought up in a commercial-saturated culture where everyone is selling something will always be asking, “What’s the hidden agenda? What’s in it for the one telling me this? What is this really about?”

Creating a Culture of Calling

Churches so want to capture the youth’s attention with programs and promises that they fail to capture their imagination and their dreams for the future. They try to compete for teenage free time but offer little to inspire meaningful service or a sense of purpose.

Read This Before Your Next Meeting

There’s nothing like going to a church (or any) meeting in which there is no agenda, the conversation rambles, and when you leave you realize nothing has been accomplished.

The Seductive Power of Coercion

The mouths of both women and men easily – all too easily – form words that intend to coerce, rather than invite; no one is exempt from this tendency by reason of sex or theological perspective.

Staying Grounded as Disciples

Discipleship is the ongoing formation of the people of God as followers of Jesus Christ. Apostleship is the response of all the baptized to the mission of God to be missionary people whose vocation is to carry, in word and deed, the Good News into every part of the world and by so doing call forth and authenticate the apostolic calling of all God’s people.