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Music to Feed your Spiritual Life

Whether you are looking to inspire others, or deepen your own spiritual life, these music offerings may be the perfect fit.

Light in the Darkness

When we spend time in Advent, that precious season of preparation for an in-breaking of the Light, let us remember that darkness and light are just dimensions of each other. We are to be light carriers when others are in the dark.


You would think that in a world where instant communication is old news and time travel seems to really be right around the corner, we would be a more connected and trusting people.

The Day of Pentecost: God’s Punctuation

A billboard from the United Church of Christ that attracted much attention said, “Don’t put a period where God has placed a comma.” John’s description of the disciples sounds like a period: the clunk of locked doors. Not much room for God to enter there, we might think.

Other Worlds

I began asking lots of questions, of myself, of God, and of others. Who am I in this other world? Who are you, Other World? What’s important here? What have I thought was important that’s not important at all? How have my perceptions of God, humanity, and the planet been limited by where I live, what I’ve been taught, and who I hang around with?

An Experiential Meditation on Baptism

We thank you, Almighty God, for the gift of water. Over it the Holy Spirit moved in the beginning of creation. Through it you led the children of Israel out of their bondage in Egypt into the land of promise. In it your Son Jesus received the baptism of John and was anointed by the Holy Spirit as the Messiah, the Christ, to lead us, through his death and resurrection, from the bondage of sin into everlasting life.

Create a Multi-Room “Labyrinth” for Lent – An Activity for Churches and Retreats

You are welcome here. This is your space. This is a safe space. A space to remind yourself who you are and why you’re here. A space to wind and unwind; to retreat and to advance; to withdraw and to move out refreshed. A space to be apart from other people and yet to be aware that you are sharing the space with them, that they are walking alongside you; that their journeys touch yours.

Lenten Reflection: How am I Tempted?

As I am pondering the approaching of this Lenten season, and gosh it seems too early, I am wondering, what do I want Lent to be about this year? What do I want to/need to focus on? How can I use the gift of this Holy Season to be more intimate with God?

The Glory of These Forty Days

As Lent unfolds, we come to the singular Christian understanding: our frail bodies are meant for glory. Our bodies are the habitat of glory, of God’s own radiant presence, revealed in Jesus.

Simplicity and Innocence

In the second half of life,
there often arises
the yearning to return
to simplicity and innocence.

Prayer: SSJE Lenten Study 2012

This Lent join the Brothers of St. John the Evangelist on a daily journey into the heart of God in prayer. A short video series will invite you to think deeply (yet briefly) each day about the the joys and challenges, practices and patterns of prayer. The series will include practical tips, personal stories, and questions for meditation.

Spiritual Journeys: “To” God or “From” God?

We keep trying to get something or somewhere, like God’s love and approval, and we already have it. The voice that spoke to Jesus at his Baptism is the same voice that speaks to us. “You are my beloved. I am well pleased with you.”

Lent for Practical Christians

If we are going to be present to Jesus’ real presence – and not just virtually present – we need to find practices for “being there,” living life as an ongoing invitation from God. Lent can be a great help to retrieve, recover, redeem what is most important to us, yet may have gotten lost along the way.

The Work of Waiting

If you cringed just reading that word…waiting…you have lots of company, including me. Waiting has been a big theme in my life, so I have tried to embrace it. Most days it is still like trying to embrace a porcupine. If you know any people who say, “Oh, I just love waiting!” please have them contact me. I want to interview them.


Do I nip at the hand that is feeding me, loving me, nurturing me, providing me sustenance on many levels? Do I tempt that hand, seeing if it will indeed go away?


I am thirsty, God. I am dry and parched and thirsty. My yearning for the water, for hot water and cold water, for still water and water that beats on me is a sign of my deep thirst. Bathe me, wash me, soak me in your refreshing love, I thought to myself.

Sonoran Summer Vespers

Brother Sun calls goodnight as he turns out the light. Thanks be to God.
The mountains smile and wink as they watch him sink. Thanks be to God.
The Desert heaves a sigh as she says goodbye. Thanks be to God.

Spiritual Practices: Mindful Walking

Mindful walking is about paying attention to the action of walking and I believe, noticing your body and your surroundings. In an open and prayerful state of mind, we become aware of the God within and around us.

Who Do You Hang With?

When we surround ourselves with good people, people who have the same moral and ethical standards we have, people who are striving for the same things in life, we are helping ourselves in so many ways.

Spiritual Practices: What are they?

Summer is almost here and for many people it is a time that is less hectic and less full. I hope that this is true for you too. Summer can be a good time to re-focus some time and energies on our relationship with God, others, the earth and ourselves. It’s a bit like Lent with nice weather!