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Building Faith Does Mission Trips: 5 Helpful Posts

Five posts on mission trips to make the most of your time away. Included are many ideas for connecting those on the trip with those who remain at home.

How to Plan an *Unbinding* Youth Mission Trip

Youth mission trips offer opportunities to serve others and transform participants. A new book offers advice for creating and planning such trips.

A Church Caroling Party!

A church revamps its annual Christmas caroling event to reach young families, and to sing at group-homes and nursing homes. Party includes crafts and dinner.

Crowdfunding: How Churches Go Online to Fund Projects

hurches have always raised money for projects, building relationships in mission. Online platforms for crowdfunding make this process easy and exciting.

Why We Allowed Phones on the Youth Mission Trip

For years it was a tried and true rule: no phones. But this year we asks teens to help tell a digital story. We are pleasantly surprised, and so were they!

7 Keys for a Transformational Mission Trip

Church mission trips can be transformational for youth and adults, but there are intentional choices that leaders must make. Read these seven tips before you head off.

How a Florida Teacher Was Called to Mission in Africa

Lisa Gustinelli may seem like an ordinary Floridian. She is a mother; she teaches middle school; she goes to church with her family. But recently, Lisa returned from a life changing trip to South Africa. Life changing for her, and also for the students of St. Camillus School in Mandela Village.

Here at Building Faith, we know that mission always involves formation. We caught up with Lisa to ask about her work and her faith.

The Board Game of the Christian Life

These two aspects of our life create fertile ground for creative Christian formation. For Lisa Kimball and Patricia Lyons, this took the shape of an Epic Game during their keynote addresses at the 2014 Forma Tapestry Conference.

We’ve linked directions for the game below. We invite you to explore it, tinker with it, create new conversations and possibilities for ministry with it.

March 9th – A Double Dose of Sunday Happens

This week we are blessed to have two reflections! Katie Young is the youth ministry intern at Church of the Heavenly Rest in Abilene, Texas. Debra Quintana is the Director of Christian Education at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Larchmont, NY.     What went right today? Katie: We had a wonderful discussion about mission and what it […]

Mission Trip vs Pilgrimage: What’s the Difference and Why it Matters

Planning a church youth trip this summer? Defining the purpose and character of the journey is key. Mission Trip or Pilgrimage? Each has unique benefits.

Young Adults: Seeking Authenticity & Relevance

Young people are not looking for the easy path in life. They don’t mind a challenge – it is too often us who fear the challenge. They are not looking for the path of least resistance.

Youth: Marked for Mission

Every three years, the Episcopal Church offers an Episcopal Youth Event (EYE), a gathering of over 1,000 high school youth and their leaders from diocesan teams across the denomination in the United States and beyond. Workshops, worship, and plenary gatherings offer youth a chance to experience the breadth and depth of the church and meet others that they may not normally meet in their own faith community and context.

Go and Do Likewise: Superstorm Sandy One Year Later

During my homily, a six year old asked if we could pray for her neighbor’s daddy who had died during Sandy—when a tree fell on him. We prayed and I invited the children to always look for the helpers and the good neighbors. All of his life, Mr. Rogers demonstrated—both in word and action—what it meant to be a good neighbor, but he wasn’t the only one.

Life in a New Apostolic Age

America is profoundly divided. Trust has eroded. For many people, there is a sense that the modern Western myths of technological progress and mastery have run their course. A new spiritual hunger has emerged as people seek meaning, purpose, community, and sustainable ways of living on this earth together amidst global diversity.

What We Shall Become

God’s Spirit is present in varied places and communities, and if we are to be faithful, part of our job is to build partnerships for mission with others who share our understanding of what God’s mission is about.

Service for the Sake of Serving

Children seem to be fascinated by the idea of serving. Whether it’s a tea party and someone is offering tea or mud cookies… Or it’s play at a little service station… At one of those little service stations in the sandbox, you’re likely to get offered lots of service and amenities you’d never find in today’s automated, self-serve gas stations.

Discerning Ministry with Teens: Part 2

We often think of participating in God’s dream by volunteering at homeless shelters, stocking food pantries and donating money to agencies that help the poor. And these are important and necessary. Ministry does not stop there. Our very career choices are ministry too.

Discerning Ministry with Teens: Part 1

As teenagers graduate high school and go on to work, college, or both, we can prepare them in their journey of being Christ’s hands and feet in the world by helping them see that all that they do – not just at church or in youth group – is ministry.


The idea that, by welcoming a stranger, one might be entertaining angels unaware (Hebrews 13:2) seems to have been a widespread belief. Besides, one never knew when one might need hospitality in return.

An Interview with Mary Magdalene

A reporter for the Jerusalem Journal, a distant cousin of Mary Magdalene, sat down with Mary Magdalene, privately, in a interview that lasted about an hour. This is the unofficial version of that interview, which up to this time, has never been published.