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Building Faith Does Lent: 9 Helpful Posts

9 previous Lent posts for congregations and home full of reflection, liturgy, music, prayers and devotionals for the season.

A Gift to Yourself: Make an Advent Playlist

Create an Advent playlist of the hopeful, expectant music of the season. Collaborate on the list, listen while you prepare for the season, or belt out favorites in the car on your way back to church!

Music to Feed your Spiritual Life

Whether you are looking to inspire others, or deepen your own spiritual life, these music offerings may be the perfect fit.

The Joy of Singing with Children

In 2013 Brook Packard wrote a series of articles for Building Faith about singing with children. She shared wisdom from her many years of experience as an educator, musician, and Christian formation leader. These articles are rich with practical tips, overall advice, and ways to keep the joy of singing alive. If you or anyone you know works with children, these articles must reads!

How to Host a *Structured* Hymn Sing

Churches have long enjoyed the hymn sing as a parish program. But could it be reinvented to add structure and form, along with some education?

Why Sunday School Still Matters – And Why it Still Works

Here is the question: Is Sunday school still valuable in building up the next generation of Christians? Or is it a tragic hindrance to the overall goals of the Christian community?

The answer must take into account a full view of faith formation. But in short: Yes Sunday school is valuable. And yes, a traditional model of parish-based Christian education can still be effective is nurturing children and offering them knowledge, skills, and values to grow into adult followers of Jesus Christ.

Singing in the Dark: Ash Wednesday with Children

Inviting children into the seriousness of Ash Wednesday is a holy opportunity. Music and singing brings light to the experience.

Easy Advent Song for Children: “Baby’s a-Coming”

Help children prepare for the birth of Jesus with this fun Advent song. “Baby’s a -coming, oh yeah…”

Children’s Advent Song: Prophets Show the Way

For those familiar with Godly Play, the lesson for Advent 1 is Prophets Show the Way to Bethlehem. Here is an easy song to match the lesson.

More Tips on Teaching Children a Song

Please let’s stop encouraging the notion that louder is better. I’ve seen weeks of work to empower children to sing freely vanish in one rehearsal where some director says “Louder!” to the children. They cannot share what they’ve worked on and there is no accomplishment in yelling.

11 Ways to Practice Gratitude with Children

On Thanksgiving and throughout the year, these activities can help teach children – and the whole family – gratitude. It makes us happier and healthier.

Here you’ll find some ideas for practicing gratitude in the Sunday school classroom, children’s chapel, and in the home.

St. Martin of Tours: A Lesson Plan for Class or Chapel

In addition to being a very popular saint, St. Martin is also the patron saint of veterans – men and women who served their country in the military. Martin’s day, November 11th, is also Veterans Day. It is a time to honor and remember veterans, people who still serve in the military, and their families. It is also a time to remember what we can do to make peace and share as Martin did.

Warming Up Children’s Voices

Please let’s stop encouraging the notion that louder is better. I’ve seen weeks of work to empower children to sing freely vanish in one rehearsal where some director says “Louder!” to the children. They cannot share what they’ve worked on and there is no accomplishment in yelling. Yes, I know there are those in the congregation who complain they can’t hear the children, but is the potential shaming of the child on his or her musical journey worth pleasing that person?

Singing with Young Children

Song and singing is a cornerstone of Church School and Children’s Chapels. Singing is a noble expression of the human spirit. Through our breath and voices we are in the moment and through our songs we are brought to possibilities.

Hidden Treasures

Surprises awaited us at each new place. Some of course, were less than joyful – but one that was particularly delightful was the discovery of the remnants of a late 19th – early 20th century Sunday School Teachers Library.

Sing a New Church Into Being

This was not your hometown football game, but a national gathering of formal legislative body of clerical and lay leaders not prone to such spontaneous outbursts.

The Arts and Faith Formation

For over 2,000 years, Christians have learned the poetry of their faith from gospel stories, stained glass windows, the paintings of El Greco, the sculpture of Bernini and the music of Beethoven.

Patrick’s Prayer of the Trinity

St. Patrick’s Breastplate is contained in the ancient Book of Armagh, from the early ninth century, along with Patrick’s authentic “Confession.” St. Patrick is said to have written this prayer to strengthen himself with God’s protection as he prepared to confront and convert Loegaire, high king of Ireland.

A Creative Mindfulness Retreat (part 2)

Think and pray on what you hope for your retreat. Find a short song, hymn refrain or verse that people will be able to learn by heart. Find a piece of artwork for reflection. Tap into those creative resources that surround us.

A Creative Mindfulness Retreat (part 1)

The intention of the weekend was that it might provide resources to people who didn’t think of themselves as having spiritual resources – the folks who say, “Well, I don’t pray every day, and I don’t know that I have a spiritual life.” I hoped to introduce them to things that they already did, or things that they could do, and draw spiritual meaning out of them.