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Youth Group Lesson: Fruits of the Spirit

Why does Paul list fruits of the Spirit? Why not vegetables? Because fruit have visible seeds and caring for a seed makes a useful analogy to caring for our fruits of the spirit.

Forming Faith at a Spanish Wedding

I recently had the privilege of traveling to Spain for the wedding of our dear friends Megan and Jorge. The bride is American, the groom is Columbian, the wedding was Spanish, and the happy couple will continue to reside in Barcelona. Got all that?

It was a gorgeous ceremony, help in the chapel of a medieval castle on the Mediterranean coast. While I certainly did not understand every bit of the service, I was impressed by the way this wedding expressed the Christian Faith. Indeed, while we may not think about it at the time, all weddings are an opportunity for teaching, testimony, and witness. In our world, we call that an opportunity for formation.

The Necessity of Children’s Christian Education?

Christian education that empowers children for theological reflection takes seriously their status and kingdom kids par excellence.

A Work in Progress – Part 2

As we continue to hear lessons from Acts, we are given examples of extraordinary heroism.

How Would Paul Write an Email?

In the first century Greek world, an opening greeting and concluding farewell in a letter were prescribed by etiquette. For Paul it was not only courtesy, it was also a matter of inclusion.