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Prayers for Peace – Plus Books and Resources

Peace building takes work! Children’s books, congregational resources, and even a podcast on ways large and small to build peace in everyday life.

Escalate Love

IPJ’s advocacy work centers around the issues of racial and economic justice, global poverty issues, and US foreign policy through their website and letters/online messages. Workshops continue to be offered for teachers, families, and those who work with families.

Circle the World in Prayer

“The power and possibility of people around the world joining hands virtually to circle the world in prayer offers a glimpse of spiritual community that supports and enriches our efforts to live contemplatively.”


You would think that in a world where instant communication is old news and time travel seems to really be right around the corner, we would be a more connected and trusting people.

Memorial Day: A Prayer by William Sloane Coffin

Memorial Day was initiated as a day to honor those who had died in the Civil War. It was called “Decoration Day” and was observed on May 30 because that was not the date of any particular Civil War battle.

An Interfaith Litany against Violence

This is what we do when we don’t know what else to do. We cling to one another, voice our grief, and offer up our prayers to God.
Heal Us, and Reveal to Us the Abundance of Peace and Truth.

Religion and Gun Violence

The Washington Theological Consortium has gathered numerous resources from a variety of denominational and faith prospective for congregations to engage in conversation and education regarding gun violence in the United States.

“Steadfast Hope” for Jerusalem

There can be no stronger mandate for peacemaking than the Sermon on the Mount, in which Jesus promises that peacemakers shall be called children of God (Matthew 5:9).

Century Marks

One section is always fun and easy to read – Century Marks. These are short snippets, quotes, statistics, and political cartoons that bring the world a little closer in a variety of ways.

Kids 4 Peace

As violence spread through the Holy Land in 2001, educators in Jerusalem dreamed of a safe place where Jewish, Christian & Muslim children could meet face to face, play together as kids, cross social divides, and share stories of their lives.

Blue Christmas: Descrption and Service Outline

Many congregations across the country now offer a “Blue Christmas” to recognize that reality. A service of comfort, it is a way we can recognize the depth of the season and help process those negative feelings that might be held within during the holidays. By doing so, we can all celebrate more fully, knowing we have acknowledged those who are no longer with us or what we might have left behind.

Witnesses of These Things: A Recap of the 2010 Ecumenical Gathering in New Orleans

“In a radically global, pluralistic world, we have no credibility at all without unity.” John M. Buchanan