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Building Faith Does Pentecost: 9 Helpful Posts

Christians around the world celebrate Pentecost, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Jesus’ disciples. Ideas for joyful celebrations in church or at home!

Whoosh! Two Spirit-Filled Books to Ignite your Pentecost

Two books, one for children and one for adults, that teach and invite us into a relationship with the Holy Spirit. Pentecost book reviews by Alexis Kruza.

A Call to Worship for the Day of Pentecost

A prayer to use on the Day of Pentecost for worship. Can be used as call-and-response, by the whole congregation, or individuals.

3 Teaching Points for Pentecost

Pentecost is a game changer. The Holy Spirit fulfilled Jesus’ promise and launched the church. Here are key teaching points and practical ways to celebrate.

Intergenerationally Growing Together

Many Christian education programs make this same separation of generations, but more and more religious educators are discovering that when adults and children learn together the experience is richer for everyone. Encouraging communities of faith to bring all ages together to worship, celebrate, and learn allows us to become better acquainted with every member of the congregation.

A Prayer for Pentecost

May the Gifts of the Holy Spirit bring fire to the earth so that the presence of God may be seen in a new light in new places, in new ways.

Decorating for Pentecost

We decorate the church for Christmas; we fill it with flowers for Easter; so why not make a colorful splash for Pentecost, the third of our major Christian festivals? This is the day the Spirit came to fill God’s people with Jesus so we might be his body now on earth. This is the birthday of the Church and birthdays should be marked by a great celebration.

The Day of Pentecost: God’s Punctuation

A billboard from the United Church of Christ that attracted much attention said, “Don’t put a period where God has placed a comma.” John’s description of the disciples sounds like a period: the clunk of locked doors. Not much room for God to enter there, we might think.

Litany of the Holy Spirit

Consuming fire, grant us hope.
Ardent love, grant us hope.
Spiritual balm, grant us hope.

Exploring “Fruits of the Spirit”

One of the readings for Pentecost often includes the passage from Galatians that mentions the fruits of the Spirit – the traits Christians desire in their lives. These traits are outwards signs of the working of the Spirit in the lives of people.

Christian Formation Isn’t My Job

The title of this post is factually untrue. I am employed by a church. My position description includes oversight of all the church’s programs of formation for infants through high schoolers. So why do I say that Christian formation is not my job?

It’s Pentecost, Let’s Party! Four Practical Ideas

Pentecost is the birthday of the church. Elizabeth Windsor has some ideas up her sleeve to help adults and children get into the spirit and celebrate.

A Litany for Pentecost

When the day of Pentecost had come they were all together in one place and all of the many foreigners heard the witnesses speaking in their own tongue. Come, Holy Spirit, witness to us also in our several languages.

Pentecost: The Feast of the Holy Spirit

Pentecost was the second of the three great annual festivals of Israel, the others being Passover and the feast of Tabernacles. The festival was often called the feast of Weeks because it took place seven complete weeks, or 50 days, after the Passover.

Fire Crafts for Pentecost

Pentecost, 50 days after Easter, is a day to celebrate the sign of God’s power. Symbols of doves and tongues of fire represent the coming of the Holy Spirit to Jesus’ followers, and the birth of the Church.


There’s enough drama at your church without having to worry about finding more!

Celebrating the Holy Spirit

I’m glad we now have better translations to refer to this part of the Trinity. The word Holy “Ghost” came from the Old English gast which meant spirit, at the time.

A Work in Progress – Part 1

Anticipating the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost (June 12th this year), our Church School curriculum has been sharing the stories of Peter, Paul and the community of Christians formed immediately after Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension.

Practical and Fun Ideas for Pentecost

On the Day of Pentecost the Christian Church celebrates the gift of God’s Holy Spirit given to God’s holy people. Pentecost is also the Greek name for the Jewish Feast of Weeks, celebrated 50 days after Passover. On this feast, the first fruits of the wheat harvest were presented, and the covenant made with God at Mount Sinai was remembered and renewed.