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Choosing a New Curriculum? Read This First!

  “Take a step back to look at the church as a whole, its strengths and weaknesses, its character or ethos, its beliefs and faith identity, among other factors.”     Matching Resources to Church Identity Every year the Center for the Ministry of Teaching (CMT) gets phone calls and emails from alumni, clergy, and […]

8 Questions to Ask Before Planning Confirmation Class

New research shows: Confirmation is vital for youth faith development and church vitality. Such a program calls for vigorous planning.

I’m a Youth Minister… and I Plan 12 Months Ahead

Pre-planning allows youth ministers to create and develop rich patterns of intentional discipleship, and it allows them to do this as a community, collaborating with both the mission and vision of the church, as well as the specific heart’s desires of the youth group community

Picking the Right VBS Theme for your Church

A VBS theme provides overarching structure that ties all of your activities together and is an accurate reflection of your church.

Christian Education Planning Calendar

Educators need to look at the entire church year. These calendars include feast days, readings, other secular holidays, and lots of room for notes/planning.

How to Plan an Effective Retreat

Tips and effective practices for planning a retreat, especially for a church context. Consider your audience, the context, and the schedule.

Planning for Formation

Before you find yourself juggling the junior high retreat and the octogenarians’ knitting circle, spend some time with your parish mission statement and a large calendar. Planning for formation is more than filling squares. It means looking at all of your parishioners and their needs, as well as who you are as a people of […]