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Christian Birthday Prayers and Blessings

Christians have a special opportunity on a birthday. Declare God’s love, pray, give thanks for life, and bless! Birthday prayers and blessings included.

Prayer for a Church Convention

Many denominations have large gatherings every few years. In the Episcopal Church, for example, there is General Convention. My prayer for this gathering.

Creating a Prayer Net

A creative and tactile way for all ages to pray, creating a piece of art woven with prayers. Instructions and tips for making a prayer net.

Celtic Prayers for Traveling

The ancient Celts knew something about comings and goings. Praying for travel affirms the purpose of our journey, and our hope that it will be a good one.

Praying before Meals at Home

Does your household say a blessing before meals? Gary Taylor explains the importance of this faith practice, along with practical tips to get started.

Tactile Prayer – Using Body and Senses to Connect with God

How can we reconcile the intangible nature of prayer with our very tangible reality? Our tradition is rich in written prayer. As a writer and self-proclaimed word geek, the exquisite language of the Book of Common Prayer speaks to me. In many circumstances those prayers articulate the perfect translation of the meditations of my heart into wording that makes sense to my brain.

Creating a Lenten Prayer Space at Home

In a family with small children it is often difficult to know how to create a space to journey through lent together in a developmentally appropriate way. Our family has tried different practices and readings through lent, but the one thing that has been constant in our Lenten practices is simply creating a collection of symbolic items in a central place in the home (i.e. on the family table or on a stand in a main living area).

A Prayer for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

Here is a prayer that you can use at home or in church as we welcome the New Year.

10 Thanksgiving Prayers and Table Graces

Family around dinner table offering Thanksgiving prayers

Looking for Thanksgiving prayers? Here are 10 traditional and contemporary prayers and table graces to use at home or church on Thanksgiving Day.

Book Review: The Season of the Nativity – Advent, Christmas & Epiphany

Part reflection, part intentional activity, Sybil MacBeth’s new book, The Season of the Nativity, offers readers the opportunity to experience the church seasons of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany as a whole.

How Faith Can Improve Mental Health and Reduce Stress Levels

Life today is as stressful as it has ever been, and this is reflected in the fact that anti-depressants are being prescribed at a higher rate than ever before. However, there is one age-old method that can reduce stress levels for free and without a prescription. People around the world rely on faith to see them through hard times. Faith and spirituality are abstract concepts, but they can lead to concrete results in mental health improvement and stress reduction.

Blessing of the Backpacks: 6 Tips for Success

Churches play a large role as the school year begins, blessing and sending students and teachers in the name of God. Read more for tips and suggestions.

A Prayer You Must Try – The Shouting Prayer

I am writing this post from Shrine Mont, which is a Christian retreat center in Orkney Springs, Virginia – in the Shenandoah Valley. During the summer, Shrine Mont welcomes over 900 campers throughout the summer, with various camps and sessions.

While the camp themes differ (art, sports, outdoors), worship is the thing that draws them all together.

And the best worship tradition has to be THE SHOUTING PRAYER.

An Episcopal Perspective on the Child Refugee Crisis

As Central American children stream across the US border in unprecedented numbers, congregations across the country are moving from adding a line in the Prayers of the People towards meaningful engagement, both in worship and personal action. If you are looking for faithful response, more information, or routes for advocacy, we have collected a few resources. […]

Summer Nurture – Talking and Listening with Children

Children are on a mission: God is working in, through and with them. what might be our role as parents – or caregivers in any capacity? How do we celebrate their noticings, attend when they are joyous or sorrowful, and offer creative paths from boredom into engagement?
Listening comes first: fully listening to the child – not distracted by our busy schedules and mobile devices. It helps for us to be thinking in terms of of leading questions that engage, instead of just seeking the right answer. For example, “What do you think about that?”

Praying in Church with Sign Language

Christians beg to differ. And so it is: when we use our bodies in worship, we make a theological claim. Flesh can be good! Of course, in this world we will always fall short (sin), but as we offer our bodies in service to God, we get a glimpse of God’s ultimate intention. And that intention is good!

So… how about sign language? The good folks at St. Gregory of Nyssa in San Francisco have passed on to us their resources for using sign American language during traditional Episcopal worship services.

How to Host a Church Motorcycle Blessing

This past Pentecost Sunday, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Kasson, MN, celebrated a Blessing of the Bikes. After the recessional hymn we followed the Cross outside to the front of the church, where we gathered for a prayer together before blessing the riders and their bikes. After another prayer together the riders started up their bikes and revved the engines – the sound was like church bells.

A Call to Worship for the Day of Pentecost

A prayer to use on the Day of Pentecost for worship. Can be used as call-and-response, by the whole congregation, or individuals.

6 Resources for Teaching The Ascension

How do we understand the Feast of the Ascension, which we we celebrate 40 days after Easter? This post offers explanations, crafts, and links.

Prayers for Memorial Day

“Remembering their sacrifice, we rededicate ourselves to the tradition of courage that you, our Lord, have instilled in us.” Prayers for Memorial Day.