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6 Ways to Build Relationships in Youth Ministry

Relationships continue to be at the heart of fruitful ministry, especially with teenagers. Here are practical ideas for reaching out to youth.

Spring Stewardship: Laying the Foundation

Encouraging generous giving is a year-round project, and an opportunity to build relationships and highlight ministry. Try these spring stewardship tips.

How Are We Modeling Relationships?

How much time do you typically spend with others? And when you do, how connected and attuned to them do you feel? Your answers to these simple questions may well reveal your biological capacity to connect.

Jesus, the Great Receiver

Giving is modeled by Jesus, all the great saints, and all of my mentors. I know about giving and about self-sacrifice. I’ve walked the fine line of being “given out” before because of the amount of giving that seemed required in my life at differing times.