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The Resurrection: Narnia Style

Aslan Lion Witch Wardrobe

Susan and Lucy find the stone table empty and Aslan alive! The great resurrection scene of Narnia is a metaphor of the resurrection of Jesus.

Make a Resurrection Set: Hands-on Easter Learning

How to download, make, and use a resurrection set to teach children about Good Friday and Easter.

8 Ways to Live the Great Fifty Days of Easter

Easter is O-V-E-R, and now we are in to school testing, spring vacations, recitals, end of the year concerts, playoff games, exams, preparation for VBS, and some are already getting ready for camp. Wait. I want to celebrate the fifty days of Easter.

Living the Resurrection

“Resurrection” declares that on the third day after his death on the cross, on that first Easter morning, Jesus was raised from the dead by the power of God in such a way that he now lives forever beyond the power of death and of all else that separates humanity from God.

Easter Books for Children

Sharing the Easter story with young people is a great joy. These books, with text and images, tell the death and resurrection of Jesus in appropriate ways.

Where God Hides Holiness

The Great Vigil of Easter is the culmination of the Triduum, one three-day service during Holy Week, the week Christians commemorate the final days of Jesus. It is one of the busiest times of the year for many clergy with services each day. This year, it also coincided with the anniversary of John’s death, which would lead to the anniversary of my grandmother’s death and the anniversary of my step-grandmother’s sudden death. Just to add to the stress, my stepfather was beginning the first of two serious surgeries for blood clots in his legs.

An Empty Tomb

On this Sunday church bells peal, choirs sing, flowers adorn altars and all rejoice in the resurrection. How have others explained this event of a missing body, empty tomb, darkness to light, death to life?

What is Resurrection?

What does “resurrection” mean? The creeds speak of a “resurrection of the body.” Many Christians repeat the Nicene Creed every week without noticing what it says, and assume that the gospel has to do with the immortality of the soul. That, however, is a Greek idea and not what the apostles proclaimed.

A Woman’s Touch

A woman’s touch has traditionally meant “a little something extra to bring grace, charm and beauty to a situation” – a decorative option. However, as is so often in life, the decorative of one era becomes the essential for another.

Jesus and the Symbol of Animals

For over hundreds of years, people have talked about how certain animals are like Jesus, gentle and strong, dying and rising. For children, these can be symbols to help understand difficult concepts and why we often refer to certain sayings and stories in the bible and connect them to the resurrection.