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Christmas Pageants: The Joy of Children Immersed in Scripture

Scripture-based Christmas pageants allow children to embody the nativity story, assimilating and owning Scripture in ever deepening ways.

Lectio Divina with Children

Lectio Divina is the ancient practice of praying with Scripture in four steps: reading, meditation, prayer, contemplation. Using a children’s Bible and modified questions, lectio can successfully help children listen to God speak through His Word.

Film School, for Sunday School

A church develops a new model for middle schoolers and high schoolers. Film School uses movies and the Bible to engage and teach.

On Ash Wednesday, The Power of Scripture

From Joel to Matthew, the Scripture in the Ash Wednesday service resonates with power. Here are our top 5 favorites.

All-Ages Church Activity: Making Social Media Graphics

Have you seen graphics on social media with beautiful backgrounds overlaid with scripture or prayer? You can make them as an intergenerational activity.

Dis-Comforting Bible Stories: Sharing Challenging Scripture with Children

Those scripture stories which challenge us give us the opportunity to ask how our God of Love is speaking to us today.

Christian Birthday Prayers and Blessings

Christians have a special opportunity on a birthday. Declare God’s love, pray, give thanks for life, and bless! Birthday prayers and blessings included.

Covenant Bible Study – A New Series for Adults

A new adult education series that takes a refreshing approach through the Bible, focusing on the stories, characters, and our connection to them.

Bible Passages to Help Keep your New Year’s Resolution

It is a New Year, with hardy new resolutions to keep. As Christians, we believe in faithfulness and steadfastness of purpose. Sometimes a little Scripture is all we need to remind ourselves that we are on a path to a life that glorifies God in all of our endeavors. While we don’t normally propose using isolated Bible quotes taken out of context to prove arguments, we do believe that select passages are powerful sources of inspiration.

Responding to God’s Word with Plastic Bricks: A Resource You Can Use!

Emily Slichter Given first told us about using Legos™ to build responses to God’s Word in this post from March 2012. Building Faith is incredibly proud that Building Faith Brick by Brick: An Imaginative Way to Explore the Bible with Children will be available September 1st from Church Publishing, Inc! We encourage you to try Emily’s Scripture […]

ON Scripture: A Resource for Adult Faith Formation

Odyssey Network’s ON Scripture -The Bible: connecting Sacred Texts with a modern world   What is ON Scripture? A multi-media resource to explore the relationship between the Bible and our lives today. Lectionary-based, thought-provoking, and complete with discussion questions and direction to learn more. Free. Led by faith leaders, ordained and lay, and partnered with Sojourners, […]

A Youth Curriculum That Works – Youth Emmaus

  “That was fun!” “That was a great lesson!”   I had always hoped to hear comments like these from the youth of the church where I serve. But I only began to hear them when I implemented a curriculum that is barely known in the United States. I can’t remember where I found it […]

More Thoughts on Choosing a Children’s Bible

Is it stating the obvious to say that a children’s bible is not a Bible? Perhaps. After all, a moment’s reflection reveals they are not the whole Bible and nothing but the Bible. They omit entire genres and books, and they add a great deal, not least copious and captivating illustrations.

A Human Slide Show of Scripture

The congregation will hear each Scripture section read while their eyes are closed, and when they open their eyes, there will be a stage picture of frozen actors!

Recited Scripture – Everyone Grows

Memorization of a passage forces me to ponder, to meditate, to imagine, to question, to wonder about context – in short, to do all the things we aim for with Bible study.