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Escalate Love

IPJ’s advocacy work centers around the issues of racial and economic justice, global poverty issues, and US foreign policy through their website and letters/online messages. Workshops continue to be offered for teachers, families, and those who work with families.

Children’s Advent Song: Prophets Show the Way

For those familiar with Godly Play, the lesson for Advent 1 is Prophets Show the Way to Bethlehem. Here is an easy song to match the lesson.

Christian Principles in an Election Year

God calls us to live in communities shaped by peace and cooperation. We reject policies that abandon large segments of our inner city and rural populations to hopelessness. We look for political leaders who will re-build our communities and bring an end to the cycles of violence and killing.

The State of Racism in America

“Fifty Years Later: The State of Racism in America” is ideal for live group watching and discussion, or on-demand viewing later. It will be appropriate for Sunday School, discussions groups, and community gatherings.

Children’s Sabbath 2013

Worship is at the heart of most Children’s Sabbaths. It is in worship that we praise God who has blessed us with children and charged us with their care. It is in worship that we hear again the prophets and their warnings against injustice and their call to justice.

Coming Out Religiously

How do religious communities partner with other institutions in the public domain, and how does religion contribute to civic responsibility and the common good?

Observing Labor Day

The Church, the body of Christ, is called to seek out and accompany people wherever they are. So the Church must also be in our offices, factories, stores, farms, schools, and all the places where people work.

Bishops on the Border

The border reality has given greater insight into what the Scripture means when it says “our struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh but agains the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12).

Being a Social Justice Christian

As a Christian who, in baptism, renounced the evil powers of this world that corrupt and destroy the creatures of God, I pledge to be a part of the solution to violence in our culture.

Civil Rights Sunday

September 15th marks the 50th anniversary of the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. The explosion at the African-American church, which killed four girls, marked a turning point in the U.S. 1960s Civil Rights Movement and contributed to support for passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

A New Monasticism

There’s a subtle movement underfoot in many of our cities. Young adults are putting their faith into action by living in faith communities that exist to serve those in the neighborhood in which they live.

Encouraging Conversation

When I was young, the family dining room table was a provocative locus for conversation. I wonder if families today find this to be true? I was fortunate to grow up with the opportunity to discuss almost anything with my parents . . . that is, anything except sexuality.

Mother’s Day is Not All About Sentimentality

Mother’s Day was originally founded as an antiwar rallying cry by Unitarian Julia Ward Howe. This history reminds us that Mother’s Day is more than a day for flowers and pancakes. It’s a call to honor the resiliency of all those who mother, especially those who bear the brunt of hurtful policies or who are weighed down by stigma in our culture.

Interfaith Cooperation

Interfaith work is only meaningful when it mobilizes diverse religious/secular narratives and communities in support of progressive politics.

The T-Shirt

Long ago I gave away nearly all of the ones I had collected over the years from being a part of things: college, the ballet, the schools I taught in, various churches, not-for-profit charity events, service corps, reunions, camps, spiritual direction programs, and even my own occasional “Life is Good” purchase.

Books for Earth Day

“Every Sunday in the creed, Christians confess their faith in God who created the world we inhabit. It’s God’s gift. As stewards of that gift, each of us has responsibility, both to God and to generations to come, to ensure that this remains a sustainable world. Placing environmental concerns at the heart of our Christian worship for this fixed time each year demonstrates our shared commitment to this end.” Rowan Williams

A Special VBS: Super Heroes of the Faith

Food for the body
God’s word for the spirit
Community of love for the heart
Opportunity for those who desire action

Preventing Youth Violence

Violence prevention begins with awareness and the intentional work of positive adults within a young person’s community. Through positive adult and peer influence children and teens are able to effectively apply strategies for anger management and conflict resolution.

Sunday Morning Sustainability

We can help bring healing to God’s people and God’s earth by examining our routines and changing our habits to live more simply and sustainably.

Go Green on Palm Sunday

Care and justice for all creation is a core value of most Christian denominations. Eco-justice ministries seek to heal, defend, and work toward justice for all God’s creation and to respect the kinship and connection of all that God created through education, advocacy, and action. Palm Sunday offers an opportunity for churches to put this value into action.