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Building Faith Does Mission Trips: 5 Helpful Posts

Five posts on mission trips to make the most of your time away. Included are many ideas for connecting those on the trip with those who remain at home.

Church Idea: Social Media Prayer of the Week

Social media prayer are simple enough to do daily, with the goal to encourage individuals and families to pray; and to equip them with practical knowledge.

#AdventWord: Daily Inspiration for Advent

Adventword is a global, visual daily prayer that everyone can participate in. Daily emails include a new adventword and a short devotional. Respond with your own image on social media.

Social Media Sunday

Social Media Sunday, with the hashtag #SMS16, can easily integrate into worship, fellowship time, or even beyond with faith formation opportunities.

Praying Facebook

Praying Facebook is a way to shift our focus to the needs of others – making the cares and concerns not about us, but rather about the people who share theirs. This is indeed a prayerful practice and one that can bring us into deeper understanding and compassion.

All-Ages Church Activity: Making Social Media Graphics

Have you seen graphics on social media with beautiful backgrounds overlaid with scripture or prayer? You can make them as an intergenerational activity.

SSJE Adventword: A Global Advent Calendar

The Brothers at SSJE have collected their prayers and meditations for Advent 2015. Use #adventword to pray with the world using social media.

How to Get the Most from your Church Facebook Page: 10 Tips

Does your church have a Facebook page? Does your church know how to use it? Here are 10 tips for reaching people and sharing your message through Facebook.

Dangerous Apps

What’s a parent to do when apps and social media sites pop up faster than we can get dinner on the table? How do we know what our kids are seeing, writing, texting, and receiving on those ubiquitous devices?

Being a Church Visionary with Technology

So what’s before us is a vast, new, evolving landscape of seemingly limitless possibility in online education that church leaders need to take seriously. I think it is an invitation and a challenge to dream and envision how this new reality can help us become and shape disciples.

Moving Online for Formation

Ministers of spiritual formation are turning to the Internet to counter the interference hectic schedules, frequent traveling, social media and other demands of modern life can have on healthy discipleship.

Social Media Parenting

Parents must learn how to parent their teens in regard to social media. To do that, parents must not watch from the side lines or just protect their teens from having a Facebook or Twitter account.

How Are We Modeling Relationships?

How much time do you typically spend with others? And when you do, how connected and attuned to them do you feel? Your answers to these simple questions may well reveal your biological capacity to connect.

Speaking Faithfully

by Jim Naughton and Rebecca Wilson What can we say that might induce people to hear what the church has to say? Adult learning experts tell us that adults learn something new when they need to know it. People come to church, or come back to church, because they need to know something new. When […]

Ministry in the Circle of Social Networks

Should the church engage in this new social networking? The church is to help shape the society’s narrative in a way that God is made present everywhere. We are called to represent Christ in the world – both real and virtual.

“Checking In” on the Road to Emmaus

Just as Biblical writers employed different genres – letters, poems, songs, gospels, narratives, and myths – to tell the story of God and God’s people, we can use different social media platforms and tools to develop our distinctive stories in engaging and nuanced ways. The type of social media we deploy depends on what kind of story we are trying to tell and to whom.

Letting God Be God

Sometimes we need to acknowledge that our small, finite, frail human existence requires that we stand in awe of the Creator and just appreciate who we are, where we are in our faith journey and what God has spread before us.

Social Media: Safe Church

Social Networking Sites and Media are a reality in the lives of most of our students, young adults and even adults, and it’s essential for the Church to fully engage in this arena.