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Electronic Giving: It’s a Hospitality Issue

Charitable giving in the U.S. continues to grow, and e-Giving is by far the preferred method. How can churches make e-giving an option for parishioners of all ages?

How Do We Teach Children Stewardship?

Will our children be generous? Will they give to others and to the church? Children’s stewardship starts when adults and churches model generosity.

Spring Stewardship: Laying the Foundation

Encouraging generous giving is a year-round project, and an opportunity to build relationships and highlight ministry. Try these spring stewardship tips.

Fundraising is NOT a Dirty Word – 11 Practical Ideas for Churches

The word ‘stewardship’ means different things to different people, and our exclusive use of it confuses people. A recent survey at the church where I work showed this! Sure, the word fundraising has a negative connotation in this culture, but that is what we’re doing – raising funds to support the mission of the church. If Henri Nouwen can use the word fundraising, we can too!

How to Fundraise for Youth Ministry Mission: 11 Ideas

I have been collecting and occasionally devising creative youth fundraising ideas, which I want to share with you. But before I handing over my crib sheet, I want to stress the importance of thinking local when you do fundraising.

11 Ways to Practice Gratitude with Children

On Thanksgiving and throughout the year, these activities can help teach children – and the whole family – gratitude. It makes us happier and healthier.

Here you’ll find some ideas for practicing gratitude in the Sunday school classroom, children’s chapel, and in the home.

Will Our Children Be Stewards?

A list of specific strategies and actions for churches to help children learn the value of giving, sharing, and becoming stewards.

It Must Be a Convertible

Cars – I am a car person and have been most of my life. Nothing quite equals the thrill of having a shiny new – or nearly new car.


When I closed the front door, I was really struck. Moved. This couple had decided that their marriage was a treasure. That it was worth laying out the big bucks to give this thing an honest try.

Preach Faith and Finances

Jesus talks about money a lot. If we are going to be faithful to preaching on the gospels, we preachers need to talk about money more than we usually do, not less than we usually do.

Becoming Sméagol

“I had a poor crop,” a voice in my head said. “It is my precious,” Gollum might have said. That squash was the only one I could see. So I smiled, rather too sweetly, and we moved on.

The Seductive Power of Coercion

The mouths of both women and men easily – all too easily – form words that intend to coerce, rather than invite; no one is exempt from this tendency by reason of sex or theological perspective.

The Practice of Giving

Above and beyond church giving, it is good to give children chances to give voluntarily to projects that excite them.

Children & Generosity

Children learn by example, and parents are their foremost teachers Particularly if you have a tradition of family giving, you should take care to make the gospel of Jesus Christ the main thing, rather than the family legacy.

Coats of Kindness

Many congregations have worked with the parable of the talents and have encouraged members to take a small amount of money and make it grow. Few results have been more spectacular than Coats of Kindness, which has grown from seed money of $50 from All Saints Lutheran Church in Cottage Grove, Minnesota All Saints member […]

Gold, Frankincense, and a Fruitcake

Throughout the years a familiar storyline has been what kinds of gifts can be brought to the Babe by those who aren’t Magi, or who don’t have resources. What, for example, can you bring that rivals gold, frankincense or myrrh?

UnPlug the Christmas Machine

Believing in the true spirit of Christmas, I commit myself to…
* Remember those people who truly need my gifts
* Express my love in more direct ways than gifts
* Examine my holiday activities in the light of my deepest values
* Be a peacemaker within my circle of family and friends
* Rededicate myself to my spiritual growth

Conscious Collecting

“Conscious Collecting” as a way to describe our intention when we introduce an outreach ministry and collect a special offering toward that chosen ministry. We look for resources that will teach our children and youth the importance of giving from our abundance to people living in scarcity.

What Would Jesus Eat . . . Today?

Would Jesus likely be a vegetarian today? Does the Bible say anything about vegetarianism? Is eating meat sinful? What does it mean to “eat mercifully”?

Family Conversations about Money

Conversation starters for talking with children about money, keeping stewardship a part of the conversation all year long.